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Nano Sensors and Wireless Networks to Attach to all Citizens

Below is an email sent to me regarding additional technologies and the painful insertion of wireless devices (nano sensors/other nano technologies) to monitor, disable and even kill citizens as will.  No one in our government is paying attention to the harms being committed against all citizens, even our soldiers, first-responders, community organized policing groups and those who are aware that they have these implants; nano sensors with GPS tracking, Infrared sensors to light the body and Chemical/Biological that induces heart attacks, strokes, brain aneurism, cancers, viruses and more.

Corporations, agencies and even foreign governments that operate within these United States of America are not God and until the citizens of this country begin to stand for the right to live free of these harms our Senate will continue to authorize the damaging development of UAV/UAS, satellites, Hovercraft and more all armed with these technologies that seek out citizens by night and by day to injure. A diagram of target areas on a womans body, its insane, not even your private areas are exempt from these harms (Nano Sensor and other Wireless Devices remotely inserted into citizens diagram).

The email reads as follows with supporting documents attached:
The reason they are using the implants is to track, surveil, law enforcement, torture, delete you. This is the program of the US gov, NSA, Homeland Security, DOD (Original DOD Directive 5240.1.R saved 882013), and others in power. The system of medical Body Are Networks is called smart implants, a system of intra-body implants that communicate between each other. This is called ubiquitous health monitoring in medical terms but we all know the “this may help the entire human race” crap. Everything is weaponized first  (RESEARCH+3-16-2015+PLACEMENT+OF+MBANS+ON+A+PERSON)

The FCC rules for the body is to limit RF to 1-10 mW/c2 but ultrasound can use power up to 70 mW/m2. Ultrasound is used for communication through body tissues, not RF. Ultrasound is used to stimulate implants because it travels deep into the joints and tissues. Any of the technologies we experience that include pressure and cause movement, like a body shock, includes an acoustic component. RF doesn’t actually have the ability to move a body except with electric shock, but an acoustic wave does. The communication is done with wave packets. Everyone is supposed to be chipped by 2017. A picture of the equipment and terms to learn are in my video: 
Implants for Everyone!!!

The FCC has set aside an ultrawide band just for these devices. This occurs through the local area hospitals. That is why they are already set up to vibrate and radiate you when you get there. They already have the system set up there and have a hospital bandwidth dedicated to that. When we took Neal’s mother to the hospital when she fell down, we were sitting in the lobby checking in and a nurse came in the emergency room door, stood there, pointed a device at me and walked back out. Then they proceeded to hurt me the whole time I was there.

They may have used other things in the past, but I think they are now using the quick way of implanting people, especially while in a motel room. The first thing they chip you with is a free transponder up the nose using a device called an intranasal implantation device with the implant already loaded.  This allows immediate identification and monitoring of your EEG.

You also get a free cochlear implant. That’s how they can talk to you, make your nose bleed, send out a pulse to rupture blood vessels in your nose. They’ve done that twice to me during the night but there is a lady who they do that to every day. You lose a lot of blood that way and you can actually die of  losing blood through the nose. At some point, you get eye implants so they can see what you are seeing. There is no way all this is part of a system without implants. It is all monitored through the same computer. The implants or at least some of them are programmable. That’s why they get your personal frequencies first so they can put those in and calculate the algorithms necessary to coordinate them all.

The various types of smart implants are sensors. The one in the foot is a pressure sensor with an accelerometer in it. The one in the top of the arm is a motion sensor. The once in the chest can make you feel like you are having a heart attack. The ones in the knees come from knee replacement science. They each do something different so you will get a specific frequency within the range starting at 400 MHz. In 1999 the FCC gave the bands 402-405 MHz for tissue penetration. In 2009 they added 401-402 MHz and 405-406 MHz. The various ranges and power are discussed in “
Wireless Medical Technologies: Navigating Government Regulation in the New Medical Age” 2013 by Terry G. Mahn  

Each person’s transponder in their head has its own MAC address so it can be dialed up with a cell phone. They get your location and send the acoustic signals your way to zap you in public, even outside, anywhere. Looking at the pictures in my video, you see the system uses satellites. They want every second of your life to be lived in pain or trying to get out of pain. The system actually communicates with your implants and they send out a signal for neurostimulation causing pain. You may have a constant microwave signal on you though, I’m not saying that every tool they are using against us involves ultrasound but up to now, no one seems to include that in their inquiries. They use ultrasound pulses to massage your joints and muscles, to make noises against window panes, noises in mid-air, make things move, make noises in the attic.

MicroTransponder has a patent pending for a delivery system for implanting an array of neurotransponders next to a peripheral nerve by means of a hypodermic needle. The individual transponders can be linked together to form a cluster, and make removal simpler. Each neurotransponder is about 1mm long and .25 mm in diameter., small enough for dozens to be implanted simultaneously in a single location. The transponder is a microcoil, an integrated circuit that includes a rectifer, capacitor and a junction field-effect transistor that is used as a switch (based on RFID). This may not be the exact one we are dealing with but it is very close due to the fact that they are placing a transponder right next to a nerve. Neural activity is detected by electrodes which stimulate nerves. The part of a nervous system that generates pain is called a noviceptor. That Dr. Martin in the Orlando FL university did the research to optimize the pain for the Army and DOD.

You can see that smartphones are integrated into this system. See “Applications of Smartphones for Ubiquitous Health Monitoring and Wellbeing Management.”

That’s the run down on the Wireless Intra-Body Area Network. The first implants that need to be removed are in your head. I just hope they haven’t chipped your child. It is very possible. They have been chipping anyone who’s been in a hospital, no matter what you go there for. The man in CA who got his removed had two sons 3 and 5 who were chipped. They have been shocking and vibrating the children so they can’t sleep.

FYI, there is an implant that can swim in the bloodstream. One guy says he feels something swimming up and down his spine. There is an implant that can give you an orgasm at the push of a button. The applications are pretty endless.

All this means that you need to remove the implants or shield using materials that block ultrasound like sound deadener material they use for cars like ExtremeMat or FATMAT. They deaden noise and stop vibrations. Conductive rubber stops the EMF and the acoustic components. Its what is used to cover SmartMeters that pulse through the house. I have been testing these materials and have found the combination which works best for an enclosure. You can get the brain  harassment down a little by wearing a leather hat with sheet aluminum and butyl rubber packed in it. Linqstat works too so a hat with the impedence factor and the blocking factor is what you need.  I get out of their system quite a bit and they have to send someone out to reconnect me.

People show up (mind controlled workers of these agencies and Criminal Enterprises) walking down the street. Sometimes its a slow moving car, another day it was a very young woman pushing a baby in a stroller who squatted down as if to do something with her baby but was holding a smartphone towards the house. Its a game, “Are they stalkers or not?” The last two were a Mexican girl in 4 inch heels (nobody takes a walk in those) and a skinhead with tattoos. She was carrying the phone and I was out in the yard taking readings. They went to the corner and stood by the stop sign so I started walking that way. When they saw me they started walking down the sidewalk. I followed them. When we got to the little store, they stopped at the stop sign and I caught up to them. The prostitute turned around and said, “You’re crazy.”  You know what that means. Was I right?

So they use their phones to talk to the transponder with our MAC address to connect us so they can send the directed energy in the form of a magnetically pulsed ultrasound stimulator transmission for talking to implants in the human body. This is called “wake up circuitry.” Much more research needs to be done on this subject.  We need those who are taking readings from their body to record those and match them up with the implants and their specifications. This is all on the internet but the correct concepts and the specific search words need to be used.