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The True Evil that Rules Our Country and Civilization


Another Interesting Video by Kenny…..

This video begins with horrific actions against women and leads to the systematic abuses by those of extremely EVIL MINDS in our country.  Again, please be aware that the first four minutes of this video are horrific.

However, the remainder of the video speaks of the organizations and groups and how they control our country with the use of mind control and other methods.

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Britney Spears Interview with Diane Sawyer – Displaying Signs of being targeted

Another interesting video from Kenny…..

An interview with Britney Spears as a strange verbal response to CBS Anchor interviewing her.  This is a form of ‘targeting to the mind’ that can occur, and does occur with some who are severely targeted by criminal government-funded technology.

Remote Neural Monitoring, Mind Control, and more can occur.  These are the signs of controlling a targeted individual; Britney begins ranting to herself in a very strange manor then burst into tears.  Quite sad to see this being done to her.  Another innocent Star being subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring, the same as most Stars are now being targeted with the same types of technologies, even those in our Military and in the Media.   NO ONE IS EXEMPT!


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A True Story… ‘ Kill The Messager’ a former FBI Translator

Sibel Edmonds Former FBI Translator Targeted for being a Whistle Blower, Documentary

Comment from the poster:

Another interesting ‘Whistleblower interview’.  If there was nothing to Edmond’s allegations of internal FBI misfeasance, cover-up, collusion in anti-American crimes, duplicity, fraud, shielding double-agents, etc. WHY would FBI, Justice Dept., Intel officials do everything they could to gag Edmonds and threaten her silence under the outrageous claim of ‘National Security’?  The extensive cover-up suggests deep state manipulation of foreign terrorists as false-flag patsies to blame for military reprisals on targeted nation-states.

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The Dark Secrets of a Surveillance State

The Dark Secrets of a Surveillance State

One such article, one of several really good-ones… 14th August 2014 Source – TED Speech Presented – June 201 Hubertus Knabe studies the history of torture, oppression and surveillance in the former East Germany, carried out by the secret security police known as the Stasi; himself becoming a target of reprisals, in the form of ‘Zersetzung’, for his views and work.

Knabe’s speech, delivered in Berlin earlier in June this year, describes the process of Zersetzung, the tactics which are almost identical to ‘U.S. Organized Community Stalking’ (aka gang stalking) of today and the spreading of false information about innocent citizens in order to incite further hate crimes against them and their family members. The ‘psyops’ (as documented in the DOD Joint Target document Joint Targeting (Joint Publication 3-60) drone_dod_jp3_60) , the spreading of false propaganda about any innocent citizen and generally without cause, only their selection or nomination process by joint military agencies. True, documented, inhumane, torture for greed, power and control.

Target a few, to gain access to Many, those who are recruited are also targeted and utilized for experimentation, at times even more than those they target or stalk.

The fifteen minute speech describes the dark world of the Stasi security agency who masterminded the system of surveillance and psychological pressure that kept the country under control for decades, and which has been adopted by corrupt intelligence services worldwide to this day, for extra-judicial punishment of targeted individuals.

 Every Citizen is a Target….