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  1. Ashley Wyatt

    It was nice of you to join us today, if only for a few moments. Enjoy your site and looking forward to updates as they are made available.

    Ashley Wyatt

    Hillsboro Beach, Fl 33062

    1. Ken Rhoades

      Thank you very Ashley, can you tell me which event was yours? Please email me at .

      Take care and thanks again for the comment.

  2. Mark M.

    Hi Kenny,

    How do you keep your energy levels up?

    I hear you on the radio and you sound great!

    Also, how did you convince Pete that are situation is real?

    Thank you,

    Mark M.

    1. Ken Rhoades

      I have, we have no choice but to keep the information going out. Our country is being destroyed for greed and no one is caring. From our soldiers, to even law enforcement…the good in those who are left supporting our country are all being subjected to the same destruction, be it foreign or domestic terrorisum, it is against the people of this country and it has to stop. It is hard to believe that our entire Senate and leaders are all under ‘mind control’ that they would allow the spraying of deadly bio-chemicals in our air on a daily basis. Do they not realize the radiation emitted spreads as well and affects entire communities. This is why I continue to speak and so do others. We want to live in PEACE and FREEDOM.

  3. sylvia flores

    i just watched your interview “I am a targeted Individual”, I also am a targeted individual, I live in Galt ca but this nightmare started in Lodi ca, i know what you are going through, my life is crazy, But i beleve in GOD and that is what gets me through this, I will keep you in my Prayers because I know they are needed for this kind of stuff for strenth, Sorry i am not good with words, but i agree !00% on the way you think, and i would like to here from you and see how i could help, all though its hard to get any one to beleve what i am saying , how ever i know outher people who are suffering and we need help but like you said there is none. so i hope to here from you, not to many Good people these days God bless you for speaking out. Sylvia

    1. Ken Rhoades

      Sylvia, I am sorry to hear that you are also a knowledgeable victim of these this torture as well as I. However, go the article ‘Every Citizen is Targeted…’ and print out the DOD Directive that states that no one is exempt. Also print out the DOD Drone Joint Targeting document and read in. It is only 138 pages but it documents the process or creating a ‘crazed psy-ops’ environment around the ‘law abiding’ citizens in order to isolate them for more torture. It is truly sad that our own government agency would document such a process, the stalking, targeting and destruction of its own law-abiding citizens, but they did. This document may help you to explain to your family what is occurring in your life, or at least explain further who is doing this to you. Keep in mind that NO ONE IS exempt from this hell and that 1 in 50 are reporting the damage to their body… they just don’t know they are targets as well. I believe that they chose to make individuals aware in order to scare the ‘rest’ (public, media, government officials and others) into silence. I also feel that many in government are now trying to reverse the damage that they have done ‘FOR GREED’, and for decades against the people of the country, as they too realize that they are included in these harms as well. The DOD Drone Joint Targeting of Individuals and Groups was pulled from the National ACLU Drone FOIA website. You can go there to ready the other damaging ‘citizen targeting’ documents, you would be surprised what they have put in writing.

  4. Sarena

    Hi Ken…
    I’m a targeted individual in Melvindale Michigan. What an excellent website. I’ve enjoyed reading the information here on your site. I’ve learned somethings as well. I could never understand how these people track me everywhere I go. I know it involves a satellite . I’m dealing with everything from noise harassment, stalking , Chemtrails, 1st responders and fire truck harassment, bird/crows sounds, holographic, drones, aircraft’s, poisoning, computer hacking , truckers , motorcycles, radiation, telephone blocked from incoming calls. I do the best I can each day really. I am actually listed by a former city council member sadly. Your in Michigan I understand from your video? You appear very knowledgeable on the subject. I would love to communicate back and forward. I have issues sometimes with my phone and email. But please give it a try and write if you like. Thanks for this wonderful site of information.

    1. Ken Rhoades

      Tyler, we should start labeling ourselves as Darlene Miles stated… ‘victims of government funded technology abuses’. Since the low level individuals have been using government funded surplus military weapons placed in the hands of (some) first responders, Fusion center employees, community groups (criminals) and others. This goes without saying the use of hovercrafts in our night skies and planes in the day. That of course goes without saying the low-orbiting satelites and drones that are increasing to the approved number of 30,000 by 2025, approved by 75 senators just two years ago. Where in the hell will 30,000 hunter-kill drones be positioned, over our heads of course. All shooting nano sensors into our homes, and we all remain quiet. This is crazy, yet true and in their own words. We are not letters (TIs) we just happen to know the how, what, when, why and how.

  5. Ann Farr

    I am a Targeted Individual for over 10 years. This nightmare is so devastating, and none of the general public wants to be believe this is happening, but I keep on telling as many people as I can. Your website gives me hope! Thank You!

    1. Ken Rhoades

      You are welcome Ann,

      This is not good information for a country that we all thought was free. Sadly, it is not and the use of technology to test, evaluate and torture for pleasure is real. The stats that 6.8 citizens are unwittingly (unaware) that they are being ‘used’ for target testing and suffer daily is inhumane, for those who chose to inform a few of our targeting is even worse since we know that they (the torturers) are now labeled as ‘collateral damage’, no one is exempt…. Now that the truth is present and it is no longer easy to place a human being who is being targeted into a mental institution, we will see what happens in the near future. This can no longer be about a growing drone industry on the backs of the citizens of this county, it just can not be any longer.

      Follow the case in U.S. District court by Darlene Miles who has filed the first ‘real’ case with merit against our torture. She also has an interview on this site. Her case number is 2:15-cv-01820 in Ohio Federal District Court. Say a prayer for her as she has taken on a case for herself and for our nation.

  6. david eberhardy

    I am new to all this information. It is overwhelming. I thought I was alone and also thought I was going crazy. I have burns all over my body. I realize its not just about me and want to learn more so that I am able to educate others on this type of terrorism. Kenny, I saw you for the first time last night on the internet and could not believe what I was hearing in one of your interviews. All these things I was hearing I have been thinking to myself but also thought I was just going crazy. Please help me help others and myself. I don’t know where to go from here. Thank you.

    1. Ken Rhoades

      Hello David, a good start is with the article ‘Every Citizen is Targeted by one Entity or another’ and on this site. To understand that age-old directives such as DoD directive 5240.1-r – Procedure 13 “Human Experimentation on U.S. Persons” and other… ALL, for intelligence purposes has been passed to criminal to criminal for decades. What is interesting is that not even DODs own employees that include ALL intelligence agencies are included…Who does that? Not even our soldiers are exempt from these harms and it is time for this country to wake up or remain tortured and tormented to death. This is not about a group of people it is about our nation and the free will that we have all lost.

      Follow the following case on http://www.pacer.gov, where Darlene Miles now has case in Federal Court against these same torture tactics and has just own a judgment against her first defendant. Her case number is 2:15-cv-01820 in Ohio Federal District Court. She also helps to write my articles.

  7. Michelle Graham

    Kenny, Just want to say thank you for ALL you do! you are selfless in your work to help other ppl. Many ppl are way better off because of you! There’s a special place in heaven for angels like you, i wish you nothing but wonderful things and positive vibrations.

    Your friend,
    Michelle Graham

  8. VoiceOfGodWeaponsPROOF

    Hey Kenny! I am pretty darn certain that I was able to detect a passive implant that was likely shoved up my nose using a $12 RF/bug detector. I have experience Voice of God weapons torture 24/7 with Remote Neural Monitoring for 4 years. This started exactly soon as my software business was making enough money to quit my job. This took years of sacrifice to accomplish. I sacrificed everything to get the time to do such a thing. Same week, I became a non-consensual human experiment and living hell began. I have been writing software for about 15 years so I like to think I am a very logical person. I would like you to check out my google plus posts that my domain points to. I have great proof for our fight to raise awareness. TechDeniers.com

    I used a throw away email for this message which I created a while back for this type of thing. Please contact me on youtube or google plus from the above website.

  9. anonymous

    Are you aware of the autobiographical novel called “1996”, by Gloria Naylor, published in 2006? The novel describes her electronic harassment by the NSA. Please read the description of and comments on this novel at Amazon.com.

    Paperback: 175 pages
    Publisher: Third World Press (March 1, 2007)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 0883782782
    ISBN-13: 978-0883782781


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