The Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism (Full Length Documentary) Posted June 2014

The Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism (Full Length Documentary) Posted June 2014

‘Every Citizen is a Target of one Entity (Corporations or Agency) or Another…’

A comment from the website poster of this video.  As citizens of these United States of America, we have BELIEVED EVERYTHING ‘they say’, yet we know today that ‘War is a Profit’ for the Greed of Corporations who develop these ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’.

Now we as citizens also know ‘in their own words’ that ‘they’ corporations and government agencies ‘target all citizens’ (Joint Targeting (Joint Publication 3-60) drone_dod_jp3_60 ‘ DOD Joint Targeting Citizens’) for the testing (torture, human trafficking, and even death) by these ‘war’ technologies, ‘in their own words’.

From the spraying of chemtrails in our air, on ALL CITIZENS, to the placement of false cell towers around our neighborhoods that result in health injuries to our children and adults, to the growing UAV/UAS Unmanned Ariel Vehicle ‘Drone CORPORATE’ industry (Senate Appropiations Bill to approve radiation testing amongst others on humans_0601102F)  where these corporations are given an age-old DOD Directive (Original DOD Directive 5240.1.R saved 882013 – Procedure 13 – Human Experimentation on all citizens for Intelligence Purposes) to test and evaluate their weapons, UAV sensors payloads, chemicals (biological and others) on ALL CITIZENS.  IN THEIR OWN WORDS.

Citizens of this country Must Wake Up and campaign against those in Congress who continue to issue Senate Appropriations Budgets (R and D Budget for UAV with Senors and radars 2007-0305205n Drones with sensor payloads (UAV_Sensor_Types_and_Details) only designed to attach to human skin resulting in cancer, heart attacks, GPS tracking; all painful remote inserts into all human beings, to even those who work for the thousands of corporations and even government agency employees, no one is exempt.  And for what?  Blind greed by those ‘leaders’ who accept millions in corporate donations from these same corporations.  This has become human trafficking and genocide of their own citizens.

‘THE LIES WE TRUST, and the Secrets they Keep’

 Published on Jun 15, 2014

This feature length documentary about medical madness, cloaked in bioterrorism preparedness, will awaken the brain dead. It exposes health officials, directed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), for conducting a “War of Terror” that is killing millions of unwitting Americans.

It was produced by award-winning humanitarian, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, a world-renowned authority in public health education, covert intelligence agency operations, and emerging diseases investigations. He is the author of three American bestsellers, including Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? and Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse.

This monumental film exposes the agents and agencies behind: Hollywood films and the media creating a profitable culture of bioterror; the “War on Terrorism” used to control populations; the most lucrative war in history—the “War on Cancer;” the onslaught of dozens of new immunological diseases and deadly flus; the “War on AIDS” triggered by contaminated vaccines; the anthrax mailings resulting in restricted freedoms, and sales of toxic drugs, deadly vaccines, and more.

This urgent life-saving DVD comes without copyright restrictions. Every viewer is encouraged to reproduce and distribute copies to others. Donations to Tetrahedron Films to cover costs and produce more films like this are greatly appreciated online at or by calling toll free 1-888-508-4787. You can screen the film on behalf of local charities.

Documents displayed in film may be viewed online at For over 400 of the top Critically important videos see — Much more at the site. Wake up, get involved, Save the Republic – Your kids, grand kids and your life will depend on what you do from now on.

You can also check out: Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz (


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Goverment Funded Experiment ‘Mind Control(ed)’ – Mass Shooting by Bill White, American Free Press

Government Funded Experimentation – Mind Control(ed) & Mass Shootings

January 05, 2015   AFP

  • Mind manipulation alleged in Florida shootings.

By Bill White —

When Myron May entered the library at Florida State University (FSU) on November 20 and began shooting, he may have been the latest victim of government mind control technology (aka ‘Brain Experimentation’ Government Funded), which some experts say is increasingly being used to commit public acts of ritual murder.

(COMMENT FROM WEB POSTEROur Senate just stated that they will no longer fund one of the CIA Brain Experimentation projects following the release of the latest CIA Torture Reports on December 9th, 2014.  They have stated that ‘they’, ‘the Senate’ were lied too… and MKULTRA torture testing was much worse than they were informed by this agency. 

So we (the People, the Citizens of this country) ask, HOW worse, and HOW MANY citizens were unwittingly being used for testing and evaluation via Senate Appropriations Budgets???   Senate Select Committee Torture Report 2014 end of mkultra program_sscistudy1 ), yet still an OPEN experiment, the ‘Human Brain Experimentation Approval’ (document here) Senate Bill for Brain Experimentation 0601101E, will this approved citizen experimentation be recalled from government funded contractors as well, or will unwitting citizens continue to be harmed remotely by this approved BILL???

Until October 2014, May was an assistant district attorney in Las Cruces, New Mexico, living a normal life with no signs of mental instability. At 31-years-old, he was well past the age when schizophrenia typically becomes manifest. But suddenly, in September 2014, May began telling friends and associates that he was being targeted by energy weapons that were being used to implant voices in his head, and that he was being observed by law enforcement, which was recording his responses to these weapons. May then joined a support group, Targeted Individuals Worldwide (TIW), designed to help victims of such attacks.

On the evening of November 19, May mailed packages to several associates claiming to have evidence of government actions, which would expose his attackers. Hours later, after midnight on November 20, May entered the FSU library and shot three people. He was eventually killed by police when he would not drop his weapon. The packages have been intercepted by law enforcement and are being withheld from the public.

The mainstream media, itself a form of mind control weapon, immediately denounced TIW as a collection of “delusional conspiracy theorists” and claimed that May’s attack resulted from “mental illness.” However, mind control weapons of the type May describes do exist, and their use as a form of psychic manipulation has been advocated for almost a century, since a time when such weapons were only a theoretical future technology.

For millennia, ritual human sacrifice—traumatic acts of public murder—have been used to manipulate and control populations. By instilling horror and fear through publicly torturing and killing helpless victims, the abusers are able to traumatize the minds of spectators, leaving them vulnerable to reprogramming and the insertion of propaganda messages. By getting away with such actions, often in the name of law enforcement, the abusers take on a god-like dimension that compels servitude among the witnesses. In ancient societies, this process was quite explicit. Victims were crucified, thrown to wild beasts in a coliseum or burned in a public square.

In the modern world, some serial murders, spree murders and phony acts of “terrorism” have taken the place of public sacrifices. Today the victims are often low-level government employees and contractors, targeted because of their availability to the experimenters. The Aurora, Colorado shooter, James Eagan Holmes, the recent Navy Yard shooter, Aaron Alexis, and May, all fit this profile. All claimed to be the target of government mind control weapons before their rampages.

In a typical ritual murder attack, the government selects and grooms the killer, then uses the murder to promote a political agenda. Sometimes this agenda involves gun control, but often the message involves supposed political terrorism or is an effort to discredit political opponents. In May’s case, links and ties were made to former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura and Dr. Robert Duncan, the latter being a government scientist who put together the technology that allows the government to transmit thoughts and voices into the heads of Americans.

Bill White is a freelance journalist and publisher based in Virginia. He has also written articles for THE BARNES REVIEW (TBR) magazine. Bill is also the author of a new book entitled National Socialism: Yesterday & Today. Proceeds go to White’s legal defense fund.

– See more at:

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Smart Meters: Documented Health and Safety Issues by a Richard H. Conrad, Ph.D Biochemist

Comments from the ‘poster’ of this article:

If you do nothing else for yourself or your families health, read and understand the dangers of the installation of a SMARTMETER on your home.  Legislators from ‘state to state’ are pushing legislation to stop these installations due to SEVERE health dangers; dangers that will be controlled by contractors.  SMARTMETERs; cancer causing devices emitting the direct high levels of (EMF) Electromagnetic Frequencies directly into your home twenty-four hours a day.

Contractors who will have the ability to emit radiation into your homes at-will, and at extremely high and dangerous levels.  In addition these contractors will have a wireless ability to ‘collect your privacy data’ (cell phones, telephone phones, computers and conversations wirelessly) and from all utilities emitted into your home.  They will collect and control your homes utility  usage and (data) information on all of your wireless and electrical devices, and use that information (wirelessly) without any oversight.  This goes without saying, to control all your utilities (shut off or on at-will to regulate usage) with this wireless information and to reduce usage also at-will.

ALL OF THIS, AGAINST YOUR HOME, HEALTH AND FAMILY with one device that you have not requested to be installed on your home.  PLEASE READ FURTHER.  UNBELIEABLE…..



For Legislators on Wireless Smart Meters: HEALTH and SAFETY ISSUES

by Richard H. Conrad, Ph.D. Biochemist                                   May 12, 2014

PART I: Safety legislation is urgently needed

To ensure that any new metering systems installed on homes and businesses are safe for continuous human exposure, new legislation must be written to guide the PUC. Here are the reasons:

The pulsed microwave emissions from wireless smart meters being used in grid modernization systems result in involuntary household microwave exposure, and:

  • are not adequately regulated by the FCC (this has been confirmed by the EPA)
  • have been classified as a possible human carcinogen by the WHO
  • have not been tested for human safety
  • have been the cause of unusual and severe insomnia, headaches, tinnitus and heart arrhythmias in thousands of persons
  • peer-reviewed research publications from all over the world have shown that similar emissions have potentially hazardous effects
  • smart meters utilizing wireless communications present an extremely dangerous combination of open portals, wireless hacking, power cutoff switches and adverse health effects
  • safe alternatives do exist.

We rely on you for our safety. The reason grid modernization health safety has to be enforced by legislation is that the smart meter manufacturers, most PUCs and utilities have been less than honest (see “A List of Myths” in Part II). They do not disclose the fact that FCC regulations protect only against gross overheating and do not protect from biological harm caused by low (“non-thermal”) levels of microwaves. Wireless smart meters emit non-thermal levels 24/7, and exposure is inside every home and involuntary. This is of urgent public concern.

From the EPA: “The FCC’s current (radio frequency/microwave) exposure guidelines, as well as those of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection, are thermally based, and do not apply to chronic, non-thermal exposure situations…..the generalization by many that the guidelines protect human beings from harm by any or all mechanisms is not justified.” Norbert Hankin of the EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation, Center for Science and Risk Assessment, Radiation Protection Division, July 16, 2002.

The FCC’s guidelines can show a device to be unsafe, but cannot prove that a device is safe. Non-thermal levels of exposure are simply not regulated by the FCC. There are thousands of peer-reviewed studies showing potentially harmful biological effects of non-thermal levels of microwave radiation. Some of these studies were done with humans, and most were on mammals with nervous systems and biochemistry nearly identical to humans. The sheer volume of these studies is cause to strongly infer human risk until proven otherwise, especially since some of the studies done directly on humans do show harm. Furthermore, the World Health Organization has classified low level non-thermal microwave emissions, specifically including that emitted by (wireless) smart meters, as a possible human carcinogen.

No research or testing has been done on the effects of smart meter emissions on humans, with the exception of three different surveys which report human sensitization to smart meter emissions resulting in unusual and severe: insomnia, headaches, tinnitus and heart arrhythmias.

Opting out is not a solution. Even if a homeowner is allowed to opt out, they are still involuntarily irradiated 24/7 by neighbors’ smart meters, especially when there are whole banks of smart meters nearby.

Wireless smart meters create huge privacy and security problems. Information about the private daily lives of everyone is extractable from data stored in smart meters and periodically transmitted wirelessly to the utility. Utilities have no right to have this information; this is a severe invasion of privacy and should be illegal. The ACLUs of Hawaii, Northern California and Vermont have issued strong statements concerning smart meters and their violation of privacy. Most wireless smart meters contain cut-off switches that are remotely controlled by wireless signals from the utility. Wireless data transmission and remote control will never be completely immune to hacking (Google smart meter hacking).

Because the smart meter manufacturers have denied all these problems, we need you to legislate our safety. Most PUCs and utilities have accepted the propaganda that has been fed to them. This propaganda is not merely biased, but includes willful omissions of facts, misleading claims and statements that are not true (see “A List of Myths” in Part II). Industry’s response to public outcry due to health effects, privacy and national security issues has been denial, and: “the public needs more education”.

Defining Safety within Legislation. Simply using the word “safe” or “safety” in relation to grid modernization is inadequate. Does “safe” mean fewer brown-outs and outages, safe from hacking and external control, and/or safe for human health? Particularly concerning human health, safe and unsafe must be defined within legislation. It is very important to include language to the following effect:

“Any type of smart metering system, network or grid modernization technology that the PUC deploys must be safe for human health, and can be considered safe only if there is no reliable evidence (direct or indirect) showing that it may be a risk to human health. A technology is to be considered unsafe if there exists reliable and reproducible evidence of an adverse effect. If substantial conflicting evidence exists also, the technology must still be assumed to be a risk, and deployment must be at least delayed until unbiased scientific experiments have resolved the conflict. (‘Direct evidence’ would be adverse effects on humans of low levels of pulsed microwaves emitted from smart meters or from other devices producing similar levels of pulsed microwaves. ‘Indirect evidence’ would be adverse effects on other mammals.) Evidence of adverse effect can be empirical, that is, without knowledge of mechanism.”

There are further safeguards that must also be written into legislation (see the “Safeguards” and the “Safe Alternatives” sections in PART II).

PART II: Detailed supporting information

My Qualifications [1]

I am well qualified to write about this subject because I have a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Johns Hopkins University and did postdoctoral research at the Institute of Molecular Biophysics of Florida State University and in the Department of Biochemistry of Cornell University. I have ten U.S. Patents, including three for electronic devices. I am the main author of a “Smart Meter Health Effects Survey” [2], and am an expert witness in the Maine, USA smart meters case [3] where the Judge ruled that the Maine PUC must demonstrate that the smart meter system already deployed in that state is safe for human health.

My Objective

My objective is to help protect the health and the privacy rights of the public and national security. I am convinced of the serious problems created by wireless smart meter systems, not because of any beliefs or preconceived opinions, but as the logical result of extensive research, much of which I present below. If you would like more detail on any aspect, contact me at .

More on the FCC’s MPE

The FCC’s Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) standards do not protect humans from the biological effects of lower (non-thermal) levels of pulsed microwaves:

EPA: Before the EPA shut-down all its research on microwave effects, two of their researchers found that “microwave radiation directly inhibits mitochondrial energy production pathways in rat brain, and that tissue heating is not a factor.” From a Project Summary by A.P. Saunders and Wm. T. Joines, EPA-600/S1-82-014, Jan. 1983.

EPA: The FCC’s exposure standards are “seriously flawed.” Official comments to the FCC on guidelines for evaluation of electromagnetic effects of radio frequency radiation, FCC Docket ET 93-62, November 9, 1993.

FDA: FCC rules do not address the issue of long-term, chronic exposure to RF fields.”

Comments of the FDA to the FCC, November 10, 1993.

NIOSH: The FCC’s standard is inadequate because it “is based on only one dominant mechanism – adverse health effects caused by body heating. Comments of NIOSH to the FCC, January 11, 1994.

ARRL (American Radio Relay League, the national association for amateur radio): “The FCC’s standard does not protect against non-thermal effects. Comments of the ARRL Bio-Effects Committee to the FCC, January 7, 1994.

Thousands of research papers show significant non-thermal effects [4]. But the FCC (OET Bulletin 56) states that its MPE protects only against “recognized hazards” (overheating and shock). Since non-thermal biological effects have not been officially recognized as being a hazard to humans by a U.S. Government agency, the FCC is essentially saying that their standards do not protect against non-thermal effects.

The FCC goes on to say that: “relatively little civilian-sector RF research is currently being funded by the U.S. Government. At the present time, much of the non-military research …. is being funded by industry organizations such as Motorola, Inc.” In other words, none of the bodies doing research are likely to publicly release a verdict of “unsafe”.

Since the FCC currently rejects the “Precautionary Principle” that is used in Europe, one would think as a logical alternative they would actively sponsor independent research focused on non-thermal effects, and until the results come in, issue public warnings.

The FCC, EPA and FDA have repeatedly said that more research is needed, but they do not sponsor it. No additional research, no warnings, only proliferation of even more emissions.

If a device causes exposure greater than the MPE, the FCC standards are appropriate for declaring that device unsafe. But it does not logically follow that a device is safe just because it produces exposure less than the MPE. It is an understatement to say that much hangs on this convenient misuse of the MPE.

In other words, the MPE can be employed to declare a device unsafe but can not legitimately be used to claim that a device is safe. In spite of this, utilities test smart meter emissions to show that they conform to FCC guidelines and then on this basis erroneously claim them to be “safe”. But non-thermal levels of exposure that are known to cause biological effects are simply not regulated by the FCC. (Also not regulated are maximum pulse height, type of modulation and microwave energy conducted on wiring.) All of this adds up to “use at your own risk”, and yet wireless smart meters are mandated and the result is involuntary 24/7 exposure.

Nine countries (including China, Russia and much of Europe) representing 40% of the world’s population, have much lower exposure limits than the U.S.; some countries have established guidelines more than 100 times lower. Certainly China and Russia are not known to be overly protective of their populations.

Emission from Wireless Smart Meters is Classified a Group 2B Human Carcinogen The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified microwave radiation, specifically including that emitted by smart meters, as a Group 2B human carcinogen. This means that in order to continue to receive electrical power, people are forced to live with a device on their homes that emits possibly carcinogenic microwaves 24/7. The public remains unprotected, and at the mercy of industry’s rapidly proliferating technology.

Industry’s Propaganda

Industry has woven a superficially convincing propaganda network of extremely dishonest hype. Their spin includes such statements as: “there are no harmful non- thermal effects”. But research strongly suggests otherwise. From Itron literature: “The total RF exposure from multiple meters in meter banks is effectively no greater than that of a single meter”. This is absolutely incorrect. Itron also writes that smart meters do not emit “pulsed RF”, rather they transmit “packets”. But they are RF pulses nonetheless. PG&E has said “SmartMeters communicate intermittently……These intermittent signals total, on average, 45 seconds per day. For the other 23 hours and 59 minutes of the day, the meter is not transmitting any RF”. This is misleading because numerous pulses are emitted every minute around the clock, and PG&E was forced to admit to about 10,000 pulses per day on average, with some smart meters emitting up to a maximum of 190,000 pulses per day (which when divided by the number of minutes in a day equals over 100 pulses per minute).

You may hear arguments from the IEEE and industry that the microwave emissions from wireless smart meters are so minuscule they are insignificant compared to ambient Wi-Fi and cell phone signals. But in fact smart meters are turning out to be one of the strongest sensitizers of Electrical Sensitivity (see “Adverse Health Effects” below). Industry’s comparison charts of RF energy levels emitted from smart meters versus cell phones and other devices pretend to show that cell phones cause up to 500 times more exposure than smart meters. The levels reported are false [5], as well as their claim of “natural RF from the human body” (no radio frequencies are emitted by the body). Richard Tell reported [6] (page 90) that the averaged intensity of microwaves one foot from a cell phone is about the same as the averaged intensity at one foot from a smart meter.

Although a person is much closer to a cell phone while using it than they are to a smart meter:

1) the pulse/modulation patterns and frequencies of these devices are very different, and therefore their biological effects will be different;

2) cell phones are not used while sleeping, whereas smart meter exposure is sustained all night long, while the body is in repair mode;

3) smart meters appear to be more sensitizing than cell phones; and

4) cell phone use is voluntary while smart meter exposure is involuntary.

Industry proclaims repeatedly: “smart meters are safe”. This statement parrots what certain agencies such as the WHO have said on the basis of what the IEEE and FCC have said; the latter are engineers not biologists, and have done no research. Industry claims: “Scientific study from credible third party health and research organizations has shown that smart meters are safe.” But there has never been any smart meter testing on animals or humans, not by anyone.

As a research scientist, I find that more than half the claims of smart meter benefits I have read in smart meter brochures and FAQ’s use twisted logic and are misleading or worse. I will be happy to discuss these further, point-by-point, if you contact me at: . Without the spin, their arguments fall flat.

Where is the data from any smart meter installation, nationwide, showing cost or energy savings? Are smart meters more cost effective than if the stimulus money had been spent on solar subsidies? The brochures proclaim: “safety, security, privacy, accuracy…..More secure and reliable…..The technology has now matured and experience has shown it to be safe, efficient, and reliable.” The reality, the actual smart meter track record, has been quite the opposite of safety, security, privacy, accuracy.

The old analog electromechanical meters emit no RF, are safe, secure, private, accurate, efficient and reliable and should be the reference standard that any new system should match or exceed in all its parameters. Furthermore, smart meter technology is not mature by any stretch of the word. Luckily, there is much room for improvement. The wireless smart grid as now planned will never be safe from hacking. In that regard it cannot maintain the level of safety that the old analog meters do. This is also the case concerning health safety.

Adverse Health Effects

Wireless smart meters and wireless mesh systems do affect human biology and health. See articles by Ronald M. Powell, Ph.D. in applied physics [7], [8], [9]. In most places they are installed, wireless smart meters create a minor epidemic of Electrical Sensitivity (ES) [2], [10], [11]. ES is a kind of physical allergy to electromagnetic fields (EMF). Smart meters seem to be the worst of the sensitizers that initiate ES in previously normal people. We don’t know why yet because there has been no research, but what causes sensitization may not be the intensity of the microwave signal, but its particular type of pulsing and modulation (see “The Devil may be in the Details” in the Notes section at the end of this article). After the initial sensitization, smart meter exposure continues to re-trigger disabling symptoms, including unusual and severe: insomnia, headaches, tinnitus, heart arrhythmias and other symptoms

characteristic of ES. Because of these symptoms, persons who develop ES cannot any longer use Wi-Fi or the cell phones they need for their work. Nor is it possible for most of them to remain productive members of society, or even to find a place that is safe for them to live. Many are astute professional people, including Ph.D.’s, M.D.‘s, engineers and programmers. They want to work. Read their testimonials before making any judgment. (See the links to testimonials in the ADDITIONAL REFERENCES section near the end of this article.)

Repeated inadvertent blinded experiments that resulted in symptoms before they were aware of the emission source showed them that they were reacting to the emissions, in spite of this being contrary to their wishes and initial beliefs. Their unusual symptoms correlated repeatedly to exposure and to nothing else. This is evidence that wireless smart meters are not safe; they injure people. A very inconvenient truth.

ES is due to EMF

The telecom industry admits that ES exists, but would have you believe that it is not due to EMF. But there is clear cause and effect, in spite of industry-sponsored junk science that claimed otherwise. (This was poorly conducted, poorly controlled research that conveniently misinterpreted ES as being electromagnetic sensing; instead of looking for objective systemic symptoms of sensitivity, they set up a straw man and then knocked it down.) In reality, ES is both initially triggered by, and then repeatedly re-triggered by EMF exposure, including from smart meters, whether or not the person was initially aware that the EMF or smart meter was present.

From the few studies that have been done on humans, pulses similar to that from smart meters cause changes in brainwaves even in persons without ES [12]. From thousands of biological studies on the effects of low levels of EMF [4], it is highly likely that emissions from smart meters affect even the general population. The most noticeable effects in the short-term may be anxiety and insomnia. Also likely are subliminal changes in neuropsychological functions, leakage of the blood-brain barrier, increased oxidative damage including DNA breakage, and susceptibility to auto-immune diseases and cancer. For ES persons, wireless smart meters are intolerable; for the general population, risky. What percentage of the population will have to become electrically sensitized before something is done about it?

Insult to Injury to Extortion

It does not make sense to grandfather in microwave exposure from smart meters on the basis of already having exposure from cell phones. Why add even more possibly carcinogenic microwave radiation to our environment? The big difference between cell phones and wireless smart meters is that people have the freedom of choice to either use or not use cell phones inside their own home, but would be forced to be exposed to a microwave transmitter attached to their home 24/7 unless they pay an up-front and then monthly extortion fee, assessed solely to discourage opting out. Opting out does not increase costs for utilities if they use a system where consumers report usage readings monthly via post card or touch tone phone; these work very well. But opting out does not help much if a person has close neighbors – this very real problem can only be solved by using a system that is not wireless.

Bait and Switch

Some utilities say “no opt-out fees initially” but they usually try to add them later. They claim no ability to control our appliances at first, but may add that later; no transmitter at first, but may add it later. You won’t be allowed to (or be able to afford to) run your A/C when it is hot out, or to run your washing machine and dryer when you need to. Your life will be controlled by a utility company. A sacrifice for the good of the planet? No, for the convenience and profit of the utilities. Industry’s version of this is: “For consumers, smart meters mean more control over how energy is used….” (control by the utilities). Customers already have control over their own usage and certainly won’t want utilities to control it. See “Time of Use Billing” at the end of “Notes” section. Furthermore, pilot studies have revealed that only a tiny fraction of customers want the ability to monitor their usage in detail.

A List of Myths

Here are some of the myths being disseminated; they have as much substance as the Emperor’s new clothes:

Smart meters have been tested for human safety;

The FCC standards protect against all harmful effects;

Non-thermal levels of microwave emissions are innocuous;

WHO classification as a possible human carcinogen should be ignored;

Evidence of self-reported symptoms should be discarded (are migraines not real?);

We need to continuously monitor your home’s usage;

You can trust us with your data; We can keep ahead of all hackers;

Wireless smart meters are necessary to integrate renewables into the grid.

Therefore there is an urgent need to define safety of all kinds within legislation. Even more so when you consider the very dangerous combination of the following four properties of today’s smart meter systems:

An Extremely Dangerous Combination

(1) an open portal mega-information tapping device on every home; plus

(2) a source of carcinogenic microwaves and potential weapon of mass debilitation on every home – pulsed microwaves like those the Russians beamed into our Moscow Embassy – smart meters already cause disability in some persons when pulsing less than 1% of the time; imagine what these meters could do if a hacker boosted the pulsing to 50% or more; plus

(3) a power cutoff switch on every home (now included inside most smart meters, which introduces the possibility of turning off everyone’s power at once); plus


(4) all the above controlled through a perpetually hackable wireless mesh network.


I recognize insanity when I see it, and this is, well – what do you think? Is this in

keeping with American values, or is it a recipe for disaster? Controllable en masse from the outside with a few lines of software and the push of a button. Even if adverse health effects were left out of the picture, it would still be a highly inadvisable system – far too susceptible to abuse.

Does it make sense to weave an infrastructure throughout our State and whole nation that requires our security people to always be smarter and a step ahead of the best hackers in the world? We have a powerful military that won’t be able to protect us if we install hundreds of millions of moles, one on each house and business. We would not go out with a bang, but gradually with a whimper, to the whisper of quadrillions of microwave pulses.

Big Brother

This plan must have been hatched either by people who are advocates of a “Big Brother is Watching You” type of government, or bureaucrats with no foresight. It authorizes the attachment of strings to all of us for anyone in the future to easily pull, and then, voila, no more freedom. If something analogous to this was created right after the American Revolution, the persons who planned it, as well as the persons who allowed it, would be hung as traitors.

Global climate change is very real, and we need a more modern grid especially to handle distributed energy, but this is not the way to go about it. Look at what is really being done to America by this ill-conceived part of the industry – DOE – NSTC (National Science and Technology Council) plan. The power industry is interested in only one thing – the money. They have repeatedly demonstrated that they really don’t care about consumers, the planet, America or the Constitution.


There has been an enormous amount of deception by smart meter manufacturers, utilities and installers, and also strong-arm tactics on the part of utilities and installers: using the police to force installation in Naperville (Illinois) and arresting homeowners who resisted; disregarding City Council bans on smart meters in California and continuing to install; disguising a smart meter as a mechanical analog meter; cutting off a homeowner’s power if they refuse a smart meter or refuse to pay opt-out fees or if they re-install their own analog meter etc. Therefore safeguards to prevent these violations of human rights must be included in legislation. Regulations should have enough teeth to prevent utilities from violating them, and hopefully be strong enough to resist or supersede any Federal law that might be passed to mandate wireless smart meter systems. For additional details see “More on Safeguards” in the Notes section at the end of this document.

Safe Alternatives

There are alternative ways to meet all necessary energy goals, and without corollary damage to our freedom and health. It is possible to design a new modern grid that accomplishes what we really need and at the same time:

1) does not infringe on consumers’ privacy rights,

2) poses no risk to the human body (i.e., has no wireless transmitter),

3) has no remotely controlled power cut-off switch,

4) is much less susceptible to hacking, and

5) includes consumer-settable timers on electric hot-water heaters, but no “wireless smart” appliances at all.

This would satisfy the large segment of the population that is presently against smart meters, and would provide a homogeneous, integrated and safe system acceptable to everybody. We might not have to waste money and time trying to reinvent the wheel; we should look in other parts of the world to see which types of modern grid systems are not working for people and which ones are working well. Using telephone wires to send usage data is one option – for this and many other reasons it would be extremely unwise to allow the dismantling of our national wired telephone network.

In at least some areas of Ontario, Canada, smart meters have no transmitter, and instead incorporate a modem that sends data over wired phone lines. The city of Chattanooga, Tennessee and some areas in France use optical fiber. But any phone or optical modems would have to be well shielded and filtered to be safe for everyone. For more on safe alternatives, see “Suggestions for Alternatives” in the Notes section at the end of my article: [13] “Nine Reasons Why Today’s Smart Meter Systems are a

Mistake”. For a detailed description of why Power Line Communication (PLC/BPL) is not a safe alternative, see the latter article and also [14].


  • To any honest scientist who reads the research literature, especially the results of European studies, it becomes clear that non-thermal levels of pulsed microwaves definitely pose a risk to human beings. Many non-thermal effects have been found that should raise red flags, but instead these are ignored by our regulatory bodies as if they simply do not exist.
  • The FCC has essentially declined to protect the public from non-thermal effects.

So far, “safety” as it applies to devices that emit non-thermal levels is by empty proclamation only: “if no heat, then no effects”.

  • Very little further research on non-thermal effects on humans is being done at this time, except for huge involuntary smart meter experiments on humans whose results are not being looked at by industry but point very strongly to risk.
  •  Any PUC or utility that bases claims of “no health effects from smart meters” on

FCC standards is hiding behind non-existent liability protection. Anyone

deploying wireless smart meters is skating on thin ice. It will be far less expensive in harm, liability and infrastructure cost to switch to safe alternatives now, rather than later.

The smart meter industry and utilities are playing a shell game with the facts, and you are the ones who can call them on it. The tide is turning against privacy violations and ignorance of harm from wireless devices.

Don’t allow any more public money to be thrown away on a system the public is resisting and will resist even more in the future; don’t allow a system to be put into place that has a risk of collateral damage to public health, erodes personal rights and paves the way to a totalitarian state.

We rely on you to remedy this situation and pull us back to sanity. Put a stop to the deployment of wireless smart meters.


If you read only one additional article, read this to-the-point article by a Mayor: legislators-on-smart-meters/

If you watch only one video clip this week, watch this one (7 minutes): “The utility company doesn’t care about the canary in the coal mine”:

For background information, click on the following two links:

  1. a) My article “Nine Reasons Why Today’s Smart Meter Systems are a Mistake”: systems-are-a-mistake-19-april-2014.pdf and also:

b) “The problems with smart grid/metering are so legion and potentially catastrophic that it boggles the mind.”:


[1] My CV:

[2] For the full results of the “Smart Meter Health Effects Survey” see its report:


[3] For my testimony as an expert witness in the Maine, USA case against smart meters: puc-filings-of-expert-and-lay-witness-testimony/


[5] “A Critical Review of Smart Grid Industry Comparisons of Cell Phones with Smart Meters”: phone-comparisons/

[6] Richard Tell, “An Evaluation of Radio Frequency Fields Produced by Smart Meters

Deployed in Vermont”, page 90:

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[8] “Symptoms from smart meters; a short summary of survey key results” by Ronald M.

Powell, Ph.D.: resulting-from-exposure-to-radiofrequencymicrowave-radiation-from-smart-meters/

[9] Another excellent short article by Ronald M. Powell, Ph.D.:

[10] An earlier survey, “Wireless Utility Meter Safety Impacts Survey”:

[11] AAEM Letter with summary of preliminary results from a forthcoming survey:

[12] “Mobile-phone pulse triggers evoked potentials”:

[13] “Nine Reasons Why Today’s Smart Meter Systems are a Mistake”: systems-are-a-mistake-19-april-2014.pdf



For personal testimonials of serious health effects, see Appendix 6, page 65 in reference [2] above, and also:

“Smart Meters: Correcting the Gross Misinformation”:

ACLU: “data ….. is ….. ending up in the hands of third parties”:

“An experiment too expensive for consumers”: grid-ameren-comed

Dr. Paul Dart’s “Biological and Health Effects of Microwave RF Transmissions”, a report to the Eugene Oregon water and electric board, including a review of the research literature: report-to-eweb-june-2013.pdf

“The Value of Solar” highlights industry’s efforts to impede the growth of solar:

“Getting Smart about the Smart Grid” by Timothy Schoechle, Ph.D. and the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy, Nov. 2012 (an energy and electricity policy white paper). [Note – this article is in error where it suggests using powerline networks as an alternative.]:

For more articles:

For any questions, contact me at:


More on Safeguards

Safeguards must include enforcement provisions to ensure that only meters and associated systems that are inspected (by truly independent labs) and pass new human health safety requirements are allowed. If digital smart meters are used they should not have any kind of wireless transmitter. Any digital meters must have ultra-low radiated and conducted emissions (to new, not current FCC standards), a linear and filtered power supply (no SMPS or PWM DC-DC converter), and a fully shielded and filtered wired (or optical) modem, if any. Without a transmitter, the power usage of a digital meter would be only a tiny fraction of a watt.

In the analog electromechanical meter, the power conserved by not having any transmitter or power supply more than makes up for its lack of responsiveness to the very tiny loads of modern electronics on standby (though such power usage does register if any larger load is also drawing power at the same time). It would be safest to use analog mechanical meters. For more necessary safeguards, see “SUGGESTIONS FOR ALTERNATIVES” in the “Notes for Conclusion” section near the end of my “Nine Reasons…” article [13].

Conducted Microwaves

The FCC does not test for conducted microwave energy, only radiated emissions. In contrast to standards for radiated microwave energy, the FCC Part 15 conducted energy regulations do not specify any limit for microwaves conducted on power lines.

Smart meters are tested to comply with conducted energy limits only below 30 MHz, but not at the 915 MHz frequency of their microwave transmitter.

“If the 915 MHz conducted (on house wiring into the house) energy (from the smart meter) were held to the same standard as 30 MHz, the level of the 915 MHz conducted energy from the AMR meter would fail (the FCC Part 15 test)…..there was a substantial conducted 915 MHz component on the power line (at more than 12 feet from the smart meter).” From: “Report on Examination of Selected Sources of EMF at Selected Residences in Hastings-on-Hudson” by Isotrope Wireless, November 23, 2013: selected-sources-of-emf-at-selected-residences.pdf.

This report provides evidence that microwave levels will not decrease with distance as expected, because microwave energy is conducted some distance along wiring in the street, and along wiring in the walls of homes into more distant rooms, and reradiates from these wires as well as from lamps and other plugged-in appliances. The FCC has no limit for conducted microwave energy.

This report also says that this particular smart meter had low enough conducted RF at frequencies below 30 MHz such that it was in compliance with FCC Part 15 requirements. This means that its switching power supply (“SMPS”) created no more dirty power than the many other SMPS (all of which have to be in compliance with FCC Part 15) that some people have plugged into their wall outlets and did not cause any symptoms until their smart meter was installed. Thus it seems that conducted emission from the SMPS would not be a major contributor to sensitization in this case.

The Devil may be in the Details

Modulation and pulses within pulses are what enable a microwave pulse to carry and impart information, and this is true for the “packets” transmitted by smart meters. Pulsed and/or modulated microwaves have been found to be more biologically damaging than continuous microwaves. “Peer-reviewed studies have shown that the differences in modulation patterns and waveforms can produce quite different biological effects” Modulation is when the microwave frequency is pulsed and/or has a lower frequency signal superimposed on it. “….studies of modulated RF signals report changes in human cognition, reaction time, brainwave activity, sleep disruption and immune function.”

The EPA has admitted that biological tissue is able to demodulate (extract and respond to) low frequencies (EPA-SAB-RAC-92-013, page 4).

An Efficient Delivery System

All the spaces we occupy are now filled with electromagnetic radiation at microwave frequencies that are completely absorbed by human tissue within the first few inches of penetration. Most of these microwaves are not reflected from the body surface, do not pass freely through the body to exit the other side, and are not absorbed in the skin itself, but most of the energy penetrates a few inches deep into our tissue and is completely absorbed there.

Since this microwave energy is often modulated with a range of lower frequencies, this constitutes a delivery system that enables a whole range of frequencies to be deposited directly inside the body. (Most of these lower frequencies would otherwise not be absorbed at all and their non-thermal effects would then be via induction, a different mechanism.) Although this delivery of frequencies is inadvertent, it is a result of many of today’s microwave technologies, which are usually pulsed and/or modulated.

It may be that the use of other frequencies, other rates of pulsing and different types of modulation would have far less biological effect, but conducting such research or making changes at this point would be an admission that there might be a problem, and government agencies and corporations seem committed to defend their present policies and standards. Short-term harm to those with ES, the conversion of normal persons to become ES, and possible long-term harm to everyone is being consciously overlooked. Corporations and government agencies still pretend that there are no biological effects – see no evil, hear no evil, do no evil.

Review Articles and Weight-of-Evidence

Industry has been waging an aggressive, proactive and multi-faceted propaganda campaign. They have sponsored many meta-analysis reviews that, by discarding research showing harm because it has not been reproduced exactly, or because they do not like the results, boils down mostly to research that shows no biological effects – which usually is the research funded by industry. Then they place the volumes of meta- analyses and industry-sponsored papers on one side of a scale or balance, the papers that find biological harm on the other side, and declare “no harm” based on the weight- of-evidence principle. In other words, because a pile of junk weighs more than a few diamonds, it is worth more. In reality, most non-thermal studies funded by industry show no effects, and most publicly funded non-thermal studies do show effects; see Fig.

  1. 1. of “Business Bias as Usual” at: http://www.conradbiologcom/pdfs/Electromagnetic- Business-Bias.pdf (This article is taken from the book edited by Elsner, W. et al: “Social Costs Today. Institutional Analyses of the Present Crises”, published by Routledge,



Doubt is their Product

Industry’s deceptive literature is an attempt to conceal the fact that wireless

smart meters result in numerous serious disadvantages to customers and benefit only the utilities. For an understanding of what is behind the propaganda of and

‘‘expert” testimony from industry, see “Doubt is their Product”:


Time of Use Billing

Time of use billing is undesirable and unfair for many reasons. The Berkshire-Litchfield Environmental Council said: “many people and businesses simply cannot change when or how they use energy. Tiered pricing automatically penalizes the elderly, the self- employed, the infirm, the unemployed, stay-at-home parents with young children and anyone else who functions on a normal daylight schedule. People can choose to do their laundry later at night but meals and bathing carry fewer options.” From:


In many areas of the country, as more and more alternative energy sources come on-line, power plants will have the excess capacity to handle peak loads.

Naomi Wolf

The End of America….

About the Actor
Naomi Wolf is the author of seven books, including the New York Times bestsellers The Beauty Myth, The End of America and Give Me Liberty. She has toured the world speaking to audiences of all walks of life about gender equality, social justice, and, most recently, the defense of liberty in America and internationally. She is the cofounder of the Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership, which teaches ethics and empowerment to young women leaders, and is also a cofounder of the American Freedom Campaign, a grass roots democracy movement in the United States whose mission is the defense of the Constitution and the rule of law.

This film was created in 2008 and defines the seven steps that were put in place that has allowed for the abuses of the citizens of our country by needless war technology testing and evaluation (authorized by Senators who receive millions in donations from the same corporations) and the loss of all human, civil and Constitutional Rights (QUIETLY).   The process of greed and ignorance by those in power.  An unbelievable process that has been hidden in (our) plain sight.

What has quietly happened to our society as so many citizens are so easily lead into criminal acts as so-called recruited neighborhood watch groups, so-called law enforcement contractors, surveillance contractors; ‘See Something – Say Something’, foolishness… and easily guided into unlawful acts against another citizen as ‘they too’ are also being targeted in greater numbers.  All for corporations to continue to justify the development of a BILLION DOLLAR UNMANNED ARIEL VEHICLE industry and the control of a society with such experiments as REMOTE BRAIN EXPERIMENTATIONS.

As a citizen, if you were aware that you now live in a ‘house without a roof’, what would you do?  If you have sold your life, and your families lives away  in order to act as a willful citizen snitch (which is unlawful), what would you think the ramifications of your ‘so-called’ private illegal acts against an innocent citizen should be?   Who is really being targeted….EVERYONE (you are).

This film is powerful and will make all citizens think twice before targeting another, or breaking the laws.  It documents how all privacy is no longer and the steps that were ‘quietly’ put in place to strip ALL RIGHTS from EVERY CITIZEN, for the greed of corporations and the control of a society with FALSE MASS THREATS.

Film by: This book by acclaimed activist, writer and feminist Naomi Woolf compares the events that led up to WWII and current world events and finds the patterns and strategies are ALL the same. This is the film version, please watch and share.

‘Every Citizen is Targeted by one Entity or Another….’

myron may photo

Myron Mays FaceBook Letter and Recorded Statement

An Update to the story of Myron May Posted January 25th, 2015

By ‘Real Politik’ with Dr. James Tracy – Myron recording.  In this recording Myron May discussed the ‘process of targeting innocent citizens ACROSS THIS COUNTRY’, and the torture he and others endured and are enduring daily as a knowledgable ‘targeted citizen’ of this country. 

He discussed very calmly (which is quite strange) how government groups, citizens groups (such as COPs, Fusion Centers, CERTS and even Citizens Corps); neighbors and neighborhood watch groups, friends and even family members can be recruited for money or blackmail (or for hate), into harassing another innocent citizen. 

He speaks calmly of the recruitment process, the ‘ankering process’,  ‘noise campaigns’ , ‘street theater’, and recruitment of neighbors and others around an innocent citizen, by many individuals who also become targeted by the same systems once they agree to become perpetrators against another innocent person.  This is what the DOD has documented as the Joint Targeting Process where even those they recruit are considered collateral damage, so what does that say about this ‘targeting of citizens’ (Joint Targeting training document linked here Joint Targeting (Joint Publication 3-60) drone_dod_jp3_60 .

The strangeness of this recorded interview and the level of knowledge of Myron May almost appears as though this would be the voice of a recruited trainer and leaves many puzzled by the level of detailed information about how citizens are TRUELY TARGETED by these predators.

Though every citizen is now being targeted in one form or another, and per DOD Directive (link here 524001r) 5240.1-r – Procedure 13 Human Experimentation on all U.S. Persons and others for Intelligence Purposes, he did not fully understanding the ‘Joint targeting process’, nor how to (try) to survive the torment without harming others.  In addition he stated that thousands of citizens are being targeted, that number is grossly incorrect, MILLIONS OF CITIZENS ARE AWARE of their targeting, while BILLIONS are being subjected to one form of targeting or another as EVERY CITIZEN is now being sprayed with CHEMTRAILS on nearly every clear day.  Those who are recruited are at greater risk as they are being asked to descend upon an innocent ‘target’, a citizen not guilty of any crimes in order to harass or stalk, or photograph, or damage their property, all so bizarre yet true as documented in the DOD Joint Targeting publication.  The attempt by DOD, and Corporations is to gain access to as many citizens as possible in order to execute there experimentation, be it by chemicals sprayed into the air, or remote neural monitoring, or release of biological agents….AND THIS IS STILL AMERICA.  The clouds tell the truth…CHEMTRAILS sprayed on their own recruits.  Chemtrails that result in sickness, illness, heart attacks and more. 

chemtrail plane

Chemtrails generally include four to six planes crossing back-and-forth across our skies; corporate or agency planes, spraying over an entire city until the trails spread and leave a then layer of smog.  Smog with chemicals that can fall like webs, or can be tasted as chemicals in your mouth, and or increase breathing problems and more.  Chemicals falling into our clouds, onto our fields of food, into our water, onto our hair and skin, and more.

This is when organic foods grown in our fields no longer become true organic, and our farms as a whole become contaminated.

‘Targeted Survivors’ who are knowledgable of their targeting are struggling to ‘Survive the torment’, seems a bit inhumane, but it is what is happening to MILLIONS to BILLIONS of citizens of this country and around the word.

Here are some of the words of what HUMAN BEINGS of this country go though on a daily basis and receive no help in ending this torture from our government.  No help to stop these corporations and government agencies from torturing unwitting citizens of this country with war technology, after all our Senate appropriates these funds on a regular basis and won’t undo what they have done to our country for DECADES, for the millions of dollars they receive in donations and funding support from these same corporations???


The issue of ‘tortured citizen survivors’ remains true, but the question is why now make the torment of millions of innocent citizens (most known to the public and government) apparent to all of society.  Why, as these many torturous attacks have remained quiet for decades as America’s dirty little secret, as many citizens have been suffering in silence. Why?

Does this mean that President Obama will now take action against the genocidal abuses of millions of citizens?

Does this mean the President Obama and Congress will undo the many Appropriations to the thousand of corporations  who are presently mastering UAV/UAS drone technology that is armed with Sensor Payloads that are only designed to painfully attach to human skin to track humans, and inject chemicals designed to increase cancers and even death, what does this possible HOAX (THOUGH EVERY WORD IS TRUE) mean to our country?

***Important note regarding the posting of Myron Mays’ Facebook letter.  We, I and those who support our country; some are former military, doctors, lawyers, white-collar, blue-collar; men, woman and children, and we do not condone violence. Period.

What is sad regarding the shooting of innocent citizens and the ‘torture testing of individuals’ who try to understand these horrific inhumane actions and crimes against their lives; and even those millions to billions of innocent citizens who only seek medications for the same ‘torture testing’ by war technologies being produced by TRILLION DOLLAR corporations and government agencies, now for decades, but have worsened with the growing UAV/UAS Unmanned Ariel Vehicles and Systems (drone industry). 

This man, Myron May did not stand a chance of survival.  He did not know of the many technologies now being tested and evaluated on innocent citizens, and that he was being ‘remotely tortured’ severely.  We are sadden by the shooting of innocent citizens and even more sadden that a corporation or agency drove a productive, successful human being into such fear.  Imagine being hunted 24/7 and struck with high frequency weapons with direct painful impact to your entire body as was Myron May (Joint Targeting (Joint Publication 3-60) drone_dod_jp3_60 as documented in this DOD Drone Joint Targeting training document).  To be tracked by GPS drone sensors shot into your body (UAV_Sensor_Types_and_Details as described in their sensor description document) and every muscle, joint and nerve, all to induce more severe pain, as Myron May. 

Then imagine the assignment by slander (per the Individual and Group targeting procedures detailed in the above ‘Joint Targeting’document), false (SAR) ‘Suspicious Activity Reports’ and possibly a false (NSL) National Security Letter being spread amongst your neighbors and associates and even your family members, and hundreds of others to stalk and GPS track your body as their bodies groups/neighbors) are also being GPS tracked and tested on at various levels as well as was Myron May (ONCE YOU AGREE TO ENGAGE IN STALKING AND HARASSING A INNOCENT HUMAN BEING ‘YOU’ SELL YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS AND YOUR SOUL TO THESE ORGANIZATIONS. THEY KNOW YOU ARE WILLING TO BREAK THE LAW AND COMMITT HARMFUL ACTS AGAINS ANOTHER HUMAN BEING, JUST FOR THE ASKING OR THE MONEY PAID TO YOU).  This is the sick, inhumane direction of our country, now for decades…..FOR GREED and the devaluing of 80% of its citizens (just only Senate Budget for UAV and human Sensors R and D Budget for UAV with Senors and radars 2007-0305205n).

Target a few to gain access to MANY….’***


**DIRECT QUOTE FROM MYRON MAYS’ FACEBOOK PAGE* Myron May ATTORNEY ASSASSINATED WHILE EXPOSING THE TARGETED INDIVIDUAL PROGRAM Myron May Suicide Letter – PLEASE SHARE The purpose of this letter is 3 fold… First, I would like to make a sincere plea to you not to let my personal story die … Enclosed within this letter you will find a USB flash drive containing a personal testimony from me about the financial, emotional and psychological pain that I have endured over the course of the last few months since I have discovered that I was a targeted individual. I have literally been forced to endure a living hell. There are thousands of targeted individuals within the United States that literally suffer each and every day at the hands of our government. Personally, I have experienced significant harassment from law enforcement in every place that I have been these past few months. Second, over the coming days and weeks you will hear numerous people label me as a person with mental health issues. If you simply google “targeted individuals”, “gang stalking”, “Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance” or Dr. Robert Duncan, you will see that what I have experienced, albeit not widely known, is very real. In addition, you can find various videos on YouTube by searching under these exact same search terms. Our government is able to capitalize on this lack of knowledge among the general population to coax sentiments towards questioning the mental health of targeted individuals rather then admitting the truth that there is a system of covert torture of ordinary innocent citizens that is happening within our borders. I have not told a single person exactly what I intend to do and only you eight people know that I intend to do anything at all, but my goal is to garner some much needed media attention to the plight of targeted individuals because we are a marginalized group with few financial assets. Coincidentally, that means that we get ignored. Third, enclosed within you will also find a sample letter to Congress. Please encourage as many people as you can to send a copy of this letter to Congress. My hope is that if enough people take a genuine concern into the struggles of targeted individuals then Congress will have to do something to stop this once and for all. Not like the false machinations of stopping it that took place in the 70s with Cointelpro. I apologize for putting this responsibility on you guys, but you are the people that I know and trust. I’m confident that Miss Mitchell will not allow my story to die. I sincerely hope that you will 1. keep an electronic copy of my story for yourself, 2. provide a copy for distribution to media outlets, 3. make sure that Miss Mitchell gets a copy, though I am sending her a copy I fear that it may be intercepted, and 4. see to it that if my story is removed from the internet, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. it will be promptly re-uploaded. I know that I’m asking for a lot but please assist me with this. Lastly, please whisper a prayer for my soul. I am still a believer and honestly feel that there is no hope for me. Consequently, I am making a sacrifice so that others in my same situation might have a chance of a normal, harrassment-free life. I realize that my methods are not the best selection and probably will not be perceived as the selection of a Christ follower, but I have prayed incessantly for months to no avail. There are targeted individuals who have endured this torture for decades without any relief and what targeted individuals need more then anything is media attention.

Your brother in Christ, Myron May

We are the People image

Every Citizen is Considered a ‘Target’, by many entities…..

‘Target a few, to gain access to MANY?’

For decades we citizens have remained in the ‘dark’ and are labeled as ‘unwitting U.S. Persons'; ‘unwitting’ about the ‘so-called’ positive use of government-funded technology and ‘groups’ designed to protect our country and our solders. ‘We citizens’ of these United States of America have allowed ourselves to become engaged within government funded ‘groups’ and organizations who have ‘falsely’ identified themselves as ‘Homeland Security’, as they too were (to have been) created for good, ‘our’ protection; well they are no longer for good nor our protection, and have not been (fully) for the ‘good’ of this country for decades.

Many of those who have successfully directed community groups and even our ‘First Responders’ have been lead by greed and criminal activities; many who were true Directors have watched the increasing criminal activities and (illegal and inhumane) actions being committed against hundreds of thousands to MILLIONS of innocent citizens and even against the ‘First Responders and Community Groups’, and their family members, many Directors and have now resigned rather than to continue to watch community groups commit criminal activities such as illegally stalking innocent citizens or watching ‘test explosions’ of first responds personal vehicles as they too are requested to descend upon the highways in false pursuits of innocent citizens.

Daily multiple vehicle accidents caused by inexperienced drivers hired as law-enforcement contractors, or neighborhood watch groups, and Fusion centers, all speeding across highways, blocking traffic, and for what, we are not at war, for money as they terrorize innocent citizens who have not committed any crimes. Period.

These groups are established and recruited by ‘individuals for money’ only and not for the protection of our country.  And hidden in plain sight, is the testing and evaluation of weapons and chemicals that are sprayed on ALL citizens as we all travel across these same local communities and highways.  NO ONE IS EXEMPT from corporate testing of their many technologies. 

While  nearly every citizen of this country is concerned about the safety of our country, our solders and our local police, corporations and criminal entities within the many groups created for the ‘good’ of our country are taking advantage of ALL citizens of this country as a so-called ‘Post 9/11′ investment against terrorism (read ‘A Top Secret America’ by The Washington Post linked here  The Washington Post ‘A Top Secret America’ .

Post 9/11 brought on over 3000 NEW government contractors to develop all types of war weapons; directed energy, high power lasers, high frequency weapons, chemical/biological weapons, and the greatest of them all, to result in the most damage were the (UAV/UAS) drones with ‘through-the-walls technologies’ and sensor payloads, in addition to the development of satellites also with high powered lasers, throught-the-walls technologies’ and sensor payloads that can be shot directly into a citizens home, and more, and all under the ‘War on Terror’ doctrine.  These corporations and their development of these many ‘war’ technologies were and are given an ‘open test bed’ to test all technologies anywhere within these United States of America, and on any citizen…. as written in the Senate Committees Authorizations ‘own words’.

The successful use of small groups of Senators to approve TRILLIONS in government waste in the development of such weapons for war as Directed Energy weapons, combined dangerous (EMF) Electromagnetic Frequencies hidden now within cell towers placed within nearly every neighborhood that create an electromagnetic harmful layer of dangerous energy that affects the health of every citizen, to the useless development of (UAV) Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (drones) that are controlled by ‘drone handlers’ like you and I who play God over our skies during the day and especially at night.  Even the small group of Senators who have recently authorized an additional 30,000 drones that are to be ARMED with SENSOR payloads that can shoot sensors through our walls into our bodies.  Sensors designed to attach GPS sensors to track every citizen, (IR) Infrared sensors to light the human body and even Chemical and Biological sensors that result in rare  cancers, heart attacks,  strokes, and if shot directly to the head of a human, a brain aneurism.

Our country currently have in our skies nearly 8000 drones, most own by corporations and authorized to test and evaluate their technologies (all) on ‘unwitting U.S. Persons’, the citizens of this country, as written in nearly every Senate Appropriations Budget (a sample Senate Budget is linked below, all Budgets and Bills can be viewed in the Library of Congress library or on-line), every citizen will have a GPS sensor attached to their skin by 2025 as 30,000 additional drones are approved for development by a small group of Senators for the next several years.   The use of ‘foot soldiers’ or law-enforcement contractors will no longer be required as ‘Remote Sensoring’ capabilities are now being perfected on the backs of those who work for this surveillance Contractors, a link to ‘Remote Sensoring’ of humans is found in the DoD Joint Targeting Training document Joint Targeting (Joint Publication 3-60) drone_dod_jp3_60 and the ‘Remote Sensoring’ documents’, UAV Remote Sensoring and Target tracking in their own words.

As more and more citizens, and even former government contractors, and government agency employees are walking away from these inhumane and unethical technology projects that are only designed, and aimed at the citizens of this country, these contractors and Agency Directors are now coming forward to release their documented evidence and stories to our citizens in hopes of saving our ONCE great Nation of People.

As citizens who have believed in our Leaders and pay our taxes, deserve a country free from these needless harmful technologies that are now only being developed to FOR CORPORATE GREED and to HARM THE CITIZENS of this country; our air, our water and our food, and for what….MONEY.  Senator receive MILLIONS in donations from these same corporations that reside within our city limits as they fly over our heads shooting sensors and other chemicals into our bodies as we have all remained ‘unwitting’ (unknowledgeable) about their actions and intent.

Even the ‘See Something-Say Something’ and community surveillance groups are being used greatly for testing and evaluation of these technologies.  The recruitment of many citizens under false pretences to engage in illegal activities; community harassment of innocent citizens, stalking citizens and willfully committing property damage against innocent citizens (who have never committed any crimes) brings thousands of citizens together 24/7 to travel our streets, highways and neighborhoods searching for innocent citizens where the targets are truly those who travel within these groups performing these illegal actions against innocent citizens.  What has this once great country become?

Technology such as the ‘surveillance groups'; such as CERTS, Citizens Corp, Infraguard, (COPs) Community Oriented Policing, even our neighborhood watch groups, and now many contracted military grade Hovercrafts that hover over our skies nightly along with the growing TRILLION DOLLAR UAV (drone) industry that, as stated on the National ACLU DoD Drone FOIA website at Drones website on ACLU  has been ‘hidden in plain sight’ from the citizens of this country  while criminals acts and technology testing is being conducted ‘unwittingly’ against, and on millions of citizens of this country.  The same citizens hired by many of these groups to target small groups of innocent citizens as stated in The Washington Post article entitled ‘Monitoring America’ Monitoring_America_Dana_Priest_William_M_Arkin latest version with lots of deletions2012, sometimes hundreds of citizens assigned to ‘one citizen’ while the ‘hundreds’ are used for direct testing of many technologies.  ‘Target a few to gain access to MANY’.

One of the most damaging documents on the National ACLU DOD Drone Drones website on ACLU website, a ‘formal training document’ for unmanned Ariel vehicles ‘handlers’, DRONES as we know of them today, is entitled ‘DOD Drone Joint Targeting’ of individuals.  This document details horrific actions that have been authorized by the DOD agency and has been passed from contractor to contractor, for decades, that is leading to the death of hundreds of thousands (to millions) of United States citizens that ‘they’ have defined as ‘unwitting U.S. Persons’, unknowledgeable of the harms that ‘torture-testing’ has done to the health of many U.S. Citizens who are not aware of these abuses by thousands of corporations and even some government agencies.  Sadly the greed of many have allowed for the testing of all forms of government ‘tax payer’ funded technology designed for war to be tested and evaluated on all citizens.

These inhumane actions are no different than the actions addressed by former President Clinton in his apology to the American Citizens for such abuses as linked below, nor the legislation and attempted ‘Senate Bills’ written by former Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich to protect the citizens of this country.  All Senate Bills that failed in the Senate, Congress.

And why did they fail?  Senators receive millions in corporate donations from these same corporations.  Senators in small committees have sign what are called ‘Senate Authorizations and Appropriations Bills to allow these corporations to build these  ‘torture devices’, and ‘test chemicals’ in our air; over their entire states for decades, and the hidden ‘DoD Directive 5240.1-r – Procedure 13 Human Experimentation (on all citizens) for Intelligence Purposes’, has allowed for the torture and destruction of a once great country….. now being destroyed for corporate greed and ignorance.

Corporate greed now funded by foreign countries???? Yet these actions against the citizens of this country are being conducted mainly by American citizens, law enforcement contractors, and other groups that were originally formed for the good of this nation. Now committing criminal acts against each other.  Even corporation against corporation; who can create the most inhumane harmful technology to commit the greatest amount of damage against the citizens of these United States of America….all hidden in plain sight.

Former President Bill Clinton Apology To American Citizen Human Experiment Victims

The following is the YouTube link to the former Presidents apology to the citizens of this country for the many violations, THAT CONTINUE TODAY against ALL citizens of this country.

The following is an excerpt from former President Clinton’s apology given Oct. 3, 1995.

Thousands of government-sponsored experiments did take place at hospitals, universities, and military bases around our nation. Some were unethical, not only by today’s standards, but by the standards of the time in which they were conducted. They failed both the test of our national values and the test of humanity. The United States of America offers a sincere apology to those of our citizens who were subjected to these experiments, to their families, and to their communities. When the government does wrong, we have a moral responsibility to admit it.

Title 18 details the crimes now being committed in 2014 by these corporations, agencies, drone handlers and others.  Title 18 Crimes Against Victims of Torture and Human Trafficing and Other Crimes .

NO ONE IS EXEMPT when our own DOD drafts a ‘Joint Targeting’ Joint Targeting (Joint Publication 3-60) drone_dod_jp3_60 of citizens by drones and other technology, thanks  to an ‘age-old’ DOD Directive 5240.1-r – Procedure 13 – Human Experimentation for Intelligence Purposes Original DOD Directive 5240.1.R saved 882013.  This directive alone negates all ‘Human Rights’ laws and have allowed for the growing base of government-funded contractors and agencies to release chemicals over our skies, spray chemicals in our air as ‘chem-trails’ and develop UAVs (Unmanned Ariel Vehicles) such as the Reaper that can hover over an entire state as high as 65,000 feet, releasing nano sensors that are only designed to attach to human skin that can result in death, cancers and more in any living thing.   UAVs armed with sensor payloads such as the Predator and the Reaper 2002MQ-1PredatorUAV that can now be remotely shot into the skin of humans as many  are designed as GPS human locater, IR (Infrared to light your body or property), chemical and biological to test anything without your knowledge (only inflecting pain) and without your consent.

These corporations are now boasting about the untold TRILLIONS bgd-11-3837-2014 they will earn UAV_Roadmap_Test_and_Evaul_to_2025_uavr0401on this needless development of UNMANNED ARIEL VEHICLES while the damage of their testing is falling on the backs of the citizens of this country, and authorized by small groups of Senators elected by ‘The People’ of this country. These Senators have served for years and are now millionaires provided by corporate donations.  How are these harmful actions serving the people of this country?  They are not.

These are critical issues for our citizens, again ‘as no one is exempt from these harms'; not children, man nor woman, not even the leaders of our country. The spraying of ‘corporate developed’ sensors payloads into our clouds, or even into the clear night skies, do not have a citizens name on it; these sensors and chemicals that are being uselessly developed serve no purpose but to harm the citizens of this country.  We are not at war!

As citizens we have been kept in the dark, yet we watch these government-funded military aircrafts hover over our skies nightly and we say nothing, we question nothing, even our leaders have become fearful in acting for our country and its citizens.  It is time for America to wake up to these harms.

Please also be aware that the ‘targeting’ of a few is to gain access to many.  

The Washington Post series entitled ‘A Top Secret America – July 2010′ first documented the over 3000 new government contractors that became funded under the Bush administration on the ‘War on Terror’  that article follow with a critical article that detailed how these contractors, DOD and DOJ would begin to gain access to all citizens person, financial and health information, and you would wonder why?  Why because of hidden ‘Directives’ not laws that have been hidden from plain sight for decades were allowing contractors developing war technologies to use any citizen, defined as a ‘U.S. Person’ for the testing and evaluation of any technology without your knowledge or consent.

The article entitled ‘Monitoring America December 2010′ Monitoring_America_Dana_Priest_William_M_Arkin latest version with lots of deletions2012 first acknowledged the hundreds of thousands (now millions in 2014) of citizens who were being targeted by ‘MILLIONS’ of citizens under what was designed by DOD DOJ (See Something – Say Something).  Somehow our Congress and past Presidents have given to much power to the DOD Department of Defense, even their own employees are targeted.  DOD has all financial powers over ever citizen; the FBI, the IRS, Banks, Local Police, and even ‘Black budgets’.  Look at the organization chart of the DOD and see that as citizens we have nothing,  they are even in charge of our Civil Rights, Civil Liberties and even those who house our health records.  So if DOD has such powers of every citizen and utilizes a decade old Directive, not law, to target every citizen…. have we all truly been that asleep?

A DOD Directive 5240.1-r to test technology on any citizen, then add the DOJ Homeland Security Fusion Centers employees connecting to millions of so-called surveillance Contractors/Law Enforcement Contractors, neighborhood watch groups (everyday people) all hired to follow, and stalk innocent citizens while large groups of criminals have now also infiltrated these groups to commit their crimes.  Most of the ‘so-called’ Law Enforcement contractors connected to government contractors in need of testing their technologies on groups of citizens as they will go as far as to issue false documentation on an innocent citizen as a SAR (Suspicious Activity Report) or even an NSL (National Security Letter), all false documents, and yet the ‘fog of it all’ is to gain access to many, not just the one named as a so-called ‘targeted individual’.

Every citizen is a target to a corporation or agency desiring access to a human for testing their technology.

When any citizen is recruited by a ‘so-called’ government contractor and connected to groups that were originally created for the ‘good of our country Post 9/11′ such as, CERTS, Citizens Corps, neighborhood watch groups, Community Oriented Policing (COPs), etc.; and now recruited as a ‘so-called’ law enforcement contractor paid to follow another ‘unwitting’ innocent citizen, this contractor/person (everyday person without any legal reason) is being sent out the same text messages that is also being sent to hundreds of others.  A message sent to hundreds of ‘citizen targets’ Monitoring_America_Dana_Priest_William_M_Arkin latest version with lots of deletions2012 who are told to (also) descend upon that same innocent victim, ‘the target’, now ‘true testing’ begins on all whom are then exposing themselves, and their family members (since family who perform these fake surveillance crimes are paid more money) ‘openly’ and also ‘openly and willfully’ breaking the law.

The document entitled ‘Joint Targeting’ written in 2007 Joint Targeting (Joint Publication 3-60) drone_dod_jp3_60 for the testing of DOD Drones with sensors injected into citizens… yes on citizens, categorizing all citizens in one form or another…UAV Remote Sensoring and Target tracking.  Either you are a ‘valued target’, collateral damage target, or target of opportunity , in their own words.  When you read the ‘Joint Targeting’ of individuals, you will read that DOD uses HHS, Health and Human Services for additional citizens names for targeting.  There is not HHS anywhere but within the United States of America.  Yet citizens are encouraged to ‘label’ themselves as depressed, or mentally ill.  Well hell, if you were being subjected to mysterious pains, strange flights over your home and burning attacks to your joints, muscles and more with not medical explanation, you too would become concern….. not depressed or mentally ill.

No one has value, even those who work for these government agencies.  We all breathe the same air with chemicals sprayed.  We all drink the same water, damaged by sensors and other chemicals.  When chemicals are sprayed the harm our health, and all living things.

Take the time to read  the attached documents so that you may have a clear understanding of ‘your role’ in the mass devastation of a country of people now all labeled as ‘targets’.

Please also listen to this YouTube interview with a Technology Consultant of over 25 years, it too is mind opening

‘All Citizens Are Targets’….

Once you understand this information, reach out to those who signed to authorize the Senate Appropriations Budgets for these technologies. One of many Senate Appropriations Budgets and Authorizations for Unmanned Ariel Vehicles to be housed with Sensor Payloads designed to attach only to human skin is here Approprations for UAV and Nano Sensors 2007 Bill_CRPT-109srpt292.  The Senate approved UAV Roadmap include the development of 30,000 drones over our skies by 2015, that Roadmap is here UAV_Roadmap_Test_and_Evaul_to_2025_uavr0401

Question such ‘directives’ not laws that allow for the testing and evaluation of technologies designed for wars, to be tested on all ‘U.S. Persons’.

Request such ACTs as the ‘Space Preservation Act’ be overturned to stop genocide of living beings from our space and skies. If this Bill would have passed in our Senate the citizens of this country would be protected by these laws and such technology as ‘drone sensors’ and chem-trails would have been outlawed.  It is never too late to force our Senate, our Congress, to enact these HUMAN RIGHTS protections from our skies and from space.  The act is attached here Space Preservation Act BILLS-107hr2977ih.

As a ‘People’ we can force change and accountability for the damage to our country that has continued for decades and all for ‘GREED’ and not for our safety.

Finally, I would say this…. Who is really responsible for the destruction of every citizen of this country, including our own Soldiers as they too are returned home from ‘fake wars’ harmed.  As a country we are broke, even a Director of a government agency can not earn MILLIONS or TRILLIONS of dollars, yet government agencies and corporations of this country engage in this same destruction.  Are these act against America really being orchestrated by another country, since EVERYONE is afraid to address who is flying in our air?  Where is the true money trail for the destruction of AMERICAN PEOPLE and others around this planet?

Here is a direct quote of former President Bush;

‘George Herbert Walker Bush: “Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.”     That is a famous 1992 quote by George Herbert Walker Bush to Sarah McLendon, a Texas journalist who Bush had known for years and who was the grand dame of the White House press corps at the time. ‘

These types of acts and decisions against the people of this country have resulted in the ‘GREED OF MANY’, thus ‘torture for profit’ against the innocent citizens of this country as these corporations and agencies ‘feel’ they have the power and choices to kill, maim and damage the health of children, women and men, all over this country.  AMERICA WAKE UP….

We Can Force Change

We Can Force Change

We Can Force Change




CIA Mind Control Experiments Declassified Documents Reveal Sex Abuse, Former Agent Interviews and More

WantToKnow header

Dear friends,

Tragic, heartbreaking mass murders in recent years have spread fear and panic amongst the general public. Yet some are questioning if there isn’t more than meets the eye to these cruel and bizarre events. Is it conceivable that there might be a deeper agenda here? This essay presents undeniable evidence that secret government mind control programs have created assassins out of unsuspecting citizens.

The astonishing excerpts below, taken verbatim from declassified CIA documents, reveal detailed mind control experiments in highly secret, government-sponsored experiments. Through hypnosis, drugs, and electric shock, CIA clinicians fractured personalities and induced multiple personality disorder (MPD) – also called dissociative identity disorder (DID).  These top secret experiments were successful in creating Manchurian Candidatesor super spies programmed to carry out assassination, terrorist acts, sexual favors, and more without conscious knowledge of what they were doing. The army of Manchurian Candidates created may have played a key, hidden role in world politics.

To verify this startling information, links are provided to scanned images of the original CIA documents. Instructions are also available here to order any of these documents directly from the CIA using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Though dating from the 1950s and 60s, these revealing documents were not released for decades for reasons of “national security.” The U.S. government claims mind control experiments are no longer being carried out, yet how can we know? The existence of these programs was denied for decades, and certainly any recent documents would be classified secret under the rubric of “national security.”

A trusted CIA informant I know assures me that these programs are ongoing. These disturbing methods are used by various countries in clandestine operations around the world. Many might prefer not to look at these ugly wounds to the soul of our nation and world. Yet if we avoid or ignore them, they are likely to grow and fester. Only by having the courage to look into the shadow parts of our world can we first understand and then begin to heal these wounds. See the What You Can Do section near the bottom of this essay for more valuable information on how you can help stop the craziness and bring this vital information to light.

With best wishes for a brighter future,
Fred Burks for PEERS and
Former language interpreter for Presidents Bush and Clinton

P.S. If you become overwhelmed by this material, please click here for support. If you think you may have been subject to some of the things mentioned here, click here for information on getting help and support in wonderful online communities. And for lots of reliable verifiable information from videos, major media articles, and more on these secret mind control programs, click here.

CIA document and page number: 190684, pp. 1, 4
Title: Outline of Special H Cases
Date: 7 January 1953
Page 1, Page 4
In a general request for volunteers [deleted names] volunteered for H [hypnosis] experimentation and were originally tested on 21 May 1951. Both girls, at this time, were nineteen years of age. These subjects have clearly demonstrated that they can pass from a fully awake state to a deep H controlled state via the telephone, via some very subtle signal that cannot be detected by other persons in the room, and without the other individuals being able to note the change.

It has been shown clearly that physically individuals can be induced into H by telephone, by receiving written matter, or by the use of code, signal, or words. Control of those hypnotized can be passed from one individual to another without great difficulty. It has also been shown by experimentation with these girls that they can act as unwilling couriers for information purposes, and that they can be conditioned to a point where they believe a change in identity on their part even on the polygraph.
Note:  This document shows that CIA experimenters were successful in hypnotizing young women (19 years old in this case) to do things they would not do normally without any memory afterward, sometimes even unwillingly. Though they volunteered, these women were thus programmed to be Manchurian Candidates or super spies with no knowledge of what these men were doing to them.

CIA document and page number: 17395, p. 18
Title: ESP Research
Date: Unknown
Link to view image of original: Click here
Learning models will be instituted in which the subject will be rewarded or punished for his overall performance and reinforced in various ways – by being told whether he was right, by being told what the target was, with electric shock etc. … In other cases drugs and psychological tricks will be used to modify his attitudes.The experimenters will be particularly interested in disassociative states, from the abaissement de niveau mental to multiple personality in so-called mediums, and an attempt will be made to induce a number of states of this kind, using hypnosis.
Note: This document provides proof that the CIA was was using drugs and electric shock in attempting to induce MPD (multiple personality disorder). Though this document uses the masculine “he” to describe the subject, other documents show that most of the subjects used were young women who volunteered. The subjects were not informed about the deeper aspects and implications for which they were being trained. If you view the original, you will also find interesting information on ESP experiments.

CIA document and page number: 190691, p. 1, 2
Title: Hypnotic Experimentation and Research 
Date: 10 February 1954
Link to view image of original: Page 1, Page 2
A posthypnotic of the night before (pointed finger, you will sleep) was enacted. Misses [deleted] and [deleted] immediately progressed to a deep hypnotic state with no further suggestion. Miss [deleted] was then instructed (having previously expressed a fear of firearms in any fashion) that she would use every method at her disposal to awaken miss [deleted] (now in a deep hypnotic sleep), and failing this, she would pick up a pistol nearby and fire it at Miss [deleted]. She was instructed that her rage would be so great that she would not hesitate to “kill” [deleted] for failing to awaken.

Miss [deleted] carried out these suggestions to the letter including firing the (unloaded pneumatic pistol) gun at [deleted] and then proceeding to fall into a deep sleep. After proper suggestions were made, both were awakened and expressed complete amnesia for the entire sequence. Miss [deleted] was again handed the gun, which she refused (in an awakened state) to pick up or accept form the operator. She expressed absolute denial that the foregoing sequence had happened.

Miss [deleted] felt reluctant about participating further since she expressed her doubt as to any useful purpose in further attendance. The Operator thereupon proceeded in full view of all other subjects to explain to Miss [deleted] that he planned to induce a deep state of hypnosis now. The reaction was as had been expected. Miss [deleted] excused herself to make a telephone call (defense mechanism?). Upon her return a very positive approach was adopted by the operator whereupon a deeper, much deeper state of hypnosis was obtained.

Immediately a posthypnotic was induced that when the operator accidently dropped a steel ball in his hand to the floor … Miss [deleted] would again go into hypnosis. Miss [deleted] then advised that she must conclude her work for the evening. She arose to adjust her hair before the mirror. The ball was dropped and she promptly slumped back into the chair and back into hypnosis. It is the opinion of the operator the Miss [deleted] if properly trained (positive approach) will continue to improve.
Note: Here we have proof that these women could be converted into unsuspecting and even unwilling assassins. They could be programmed to assassinate anyone and would do so without any conscious knowledge afterward. Note also the questionable status of “volunteer” implied. Though these women originally volunteered, unwillingness to continue could be manipulated by the men running the program.

CIA document and page number: 190527, pp. 1, 2
Title: SI and H Experimentation 
Date: 25 September 1951
Link to view images of original: Page 1, Page 2
Note: SI stands for sleep induction and H for hypnosis
Prior to actually beginning the more complex experiments, several simple post H were worked with both of the girls participating. The first major experiment of the evening was set up as follows without previous explanation to either [deleted] or [deleted]. Both subjects were placed in a very deep trance state and while in this state, the following instructions were given:

(A) [Deleted] was instructed that when she awakened, she was to procede to [deleted] room. She was told that while there, she would receive a telephone call from an individual whom she would know only as “Joe”. This individual would engage her in a normal telephone conversation. During this conversation, this individual would give her a code word and upon mentioning the code word, [deleted] would go into a deep SI [sleep induction] trance state, but would be “normal” in appearance with her eyes open.

[Deleted] was then told that upon the conclusion of the telephone conversation, she would procede to the ladies room where she would meet a girl who was unknown to her. She was told that she would strike up a conversation with this girl and during the conversation she would mention the code word “New York” to this other girl, who, in turn, would give her a device and further instructions which were to be carried out by [deleted]. She was told that after she carried out the instructions, she was to return to the Operations Room, sit in the sofa and go immediately into a deep sleep.

(B) [Deleted] was instructed that upon awakening, she would proceed to [deleted] room where she would wait at the desk for a telephone call. Upon receiving the call, a person known as “Jim” would engage her in normal conversation. During the course of the conversation, this individual would mention a code word to [deleted]. When she heard this code word, she would pass into a SI trance state, but would not close her eyes and remain perfectly normal and continue the telephone conversation. She was told that upon conclusion of the telephone conversation, she would then carry out the following instructions:

[Deleted] being in a complete SI state at this time, was then told to open her eyes and was shown an electric timing device. She was informed that this timing device was an incendiary bomb and was then instructed how to attach and set the device. After [deleted] had indicated that she had learned how to set and attach the device, she was told to return to a sleep state and further instructed that upon concluding the aforementioned conversation, she would take the timing device which was in a briefcase and proceed to the ladies room.

In the ladies room, she would be met by a girl whom she had never seen who would identify herself by the code word “New York.” [Deleted] was then to show this individual how to attach and set the timing device and further instructions would be given the individual by [deleted] that the timing device was to be carried in the briefcase to [deleted] room, placed in the nearest empty electric-light plug and concealed in the bottom, left-hand drawer of [deleted] desk, with the device set for 82 seconds and turned on.

[Deleted] was further instructed to tell this other girl that as soon as the device had been set and turned on, she was to take the briefcase, leave [deleted] room, go to the operations room and go to the sofa and enter a deep sleep state. [Deleted] was further instructed that after completion of instructing the other girl and the transferring to the other girl of the incendiary bomb, she was to return at once to the operations room, sit on the sofa, and go into a deep sleep state.

For a matter of record, immediately after the operation was begun it was noted that a member of the charforce was cleaning the floor in the ladies room and subsequently, both [deleted] and [deleted] had to be placed … once again in a trance state and instructions changed from the ladies room to Room 3. It should be noted that even with the change of locale in the transfer point, the experiment was carried off perfectly without any difficulty or hesitation on the part of either of the girls. Each girl acted out their part perfectly, the device was planted and set as directed and both girls returned to the operations room, sat on the sofa and entered a deep sleep state. Throughout, their movements were easy and natural.
Note: You will note the frequent use of “girls” (young women) in these programs. Do you think the men in charge, having complete hypnotic control of these women, might have at times taken advantage of them sexually? Yet this would never enter the official documentation, with the one major exception below.

CIA document and page number: 140393, p. 1
Title: [Deleted] 
Date: 9 July 1951
Link to view image of original: Click here
On 2 July 1951 approximately 1:00 p.m. the instruction began with [deleted] relating to the student some of his sexual experiences. [Deleted] stated that he had constantly used hypnotism as a means of inducing young girls to engage in sexual intercourse with him. [Deleted], a performer in [deleted] orchestra, was forced to engage in sexual intercourse with [deleted] while under the influence of hypnotism. [Deleted] stated that he first put her into a hypnotic trance and then suggested to her that he was her husband and that she desired sexual intercourse with him.
Note: This document shows that an instructor being used by the CIA took advantage of his skill in hypnosis to sexually abuse young women without their having any knowledge of being abused. How many CIA hypnotists did likewise? Do you think a man involved in these programs might take advantage of a beautiful, young woman knowing she would not remember afterward? Note that for some reason this document is not available in the CIA’s three CD set and must be ordered individually at this link. See the What You Can Dosection at the end of this page for suggestions on how we can stop this abuse.

CIA document and page number: 17441, p.8
Title: Continuation of Studies of Hypnosis and Suggestibility
Date: Unknown
Link to view image of original: Click here
Preliminary clinical research during 1955-56 has yielded promising leads in terms of knowledge of how hypnotizability can be influenced by pharmacological means. Experiments involving altered personality function as a result of environmental manipulation (chiefly sensory isolation) have yielded promising leads in terms of suggestibility and the production of trance-like states. There is reason to believe that environmental manipulations can affect tendencies for dissociative phenomenon to occur.
Note: “Dissociative phenomenon” refers to the ability of a person’s consciousness to leave and a new consciousness enter, thereby facilitation the creation of “alter” or multiple personalities. Besides hypnosis, drugs and electric shocks were developed as means to facilitate the creation of Manchurian Candidates.

CIA document and page number:17748, pp. 1, 2, 4, 6-9
Title: Report of Inspection of MKULTRA 
Date: 26 July 1963
Link to view images of original:  Page 1, Page 2, Page 4, Page 6, Page 7, Page 8, Page 9.
It was deemed advisable to prepare the report of the MKULTRA program in one copy only, in view of its unusual sensitivity. The MKULTRA activity is concerned with the research and development of chemical, biological, and radiological materials capable of employment in clandestine operation to control human behavior. MKULTRA was authorized by then Director of Central Intelligence [DCI], Allen W. Dulles, in 1953.

The concepts involved in manipulating human behavior are found by many people both within and outside the Agency to be distasteful and unethical. Nevertheless, there have been major accomplishments both in research and operational employment. Some MKULTRA activities raise questions of legality implicit in the original charter.A final phase of testing of MKULTRA products places the rights and interests of U.S. citizens in jeopardy. Public disclosure of some aspects of MKULTRA activity could induce serious adverse reaction in U.S. public opinion. The DCI’s memorandum … exempted MKULTRA from audit.

Over the ten-year life of the program many additional avenues to the control of human behavior have been designated by the TSD management [Technical Services Division – under which MKULTRA operated] as appropriate to investigation under the MKULTRA charter, including radiation, electro-shock, various fields of psychology, psychiatry, sociology, and anthropology, graphology, harassment substances, and paramilitary devices and materials.

TSD initiated a program for covert testing of materials on unwitting U.S. citizens in 1955. TSD has pursued a philosophy of minimum documentation in keeping with the high sensitivity of some of the projects. The lack of consistent records precluded use of routine inspection procedures and raised a variety of questions concerning management and fiscal controls.

There are just two individuals in TSD who have full substantive knowledge of the program and most of that knowledge is unrecorded. In protecting both the sensitive nature of the American intelligence capability to manipulate human behavior, they apply “need to know” doctrine to their professional associates and to their clerical assistants to a maximum degree.
Note: Why did only two people have full substantive knowledge of the program? Could it be that sex abuse and political manipulations behind the scenes were so severe that no one was to be trusted? Do you think we could trust those two individuals? CIA Director Richard Helms, upon hearing there would be a Congressional investigation, ordered the destruction of all documents from these unethical and at times illegal mind control programs in 1973. He did not realize, however, that incriminating evidence remained in the financial files of the agency, which are what you read here. We can only imagine what secrets the destroyed documents held.

CIA document and page number: 87624, p. 3, 4 (also appended to 17748, p. 32, 33)
Title: Two Extremely Sensitive Research Programs
Date: 3 April 1953
Link to view images of original: Page 3, Page 4
Approximately 6% of the projects are of such an ultra-sensitive nature that they cannot and should not be handled by means of contracts which would associate CIA or the Government with the work in question.

We intend to investigate the development of a chemical material which causes a reversible non-toxic aberrant mental state, the specific nature of which can be reasonably well predicted for each individual. This material could potentially aid in discrediting individuals, eliciting information, implanting suggestion and other forms of mental control. 

In a great many instances the work in field (a) must be conducted by individuals who are not and should not be aware of our interest. In all cases dealing with field (b), it is mandatory that any connections with the Agency should be known only to an absolute minimum number of people who have been specifically cleared for this purpose.

Experience has shown that qualified, competent individuals in the field of pharmacological, physiological, psychiatric and other biological sciences are most reluctant to enter into signed agreements of any sort which connect them with this activity since such a connection would jeopardize their professional reputations. Even internally in CIA, as few individuals as possible should be aware of our interest in these fields and of the identity of those who are working for us. At present, this results in ridiculous contracts, with cut-outs, which do not spell out the scope or intent of the work. 
Note: In the three CD set, this document is found appended to document 17748 on pp. 30 through 37.

CIA document and page number: 190885, p. 1
Title: None Given
Date:1 January 1950
Link to view image of original: Click here
Drug Project – A project in the isolation and synthesis of pure drugs for use in effecting psychological entry and control of the individual.

Drugs and electricity – Research work on the effects of lysergic acid [LSD] on animals. Use of electric shock and the encephalograph in interrogation. Particular emphasis on the detection and prior use of electric shock and the ‘guaranteed amnesia’ resulting from electric shock.

Hypnosis – Investigation of the possibilities of hypnotic and post-hypnotic control.

CIA document and page number: 140394, pp. 2, 3 (not available in three CD set, order individually here)
Title: Interview with [Deleted]
Date: 25 February 1952
Link to view full text of both pages: Click here
Q: What are your experiences in general with hypnotism?

A: I have been a professional hypnotist for at least 15 years. At present, I am employed on a very confidential basis two days a week.

Q: Can you obtain information from an individual, willing or unwilling, by hypnotism?

A: Definitely, yes. Many of the medical cases I work on are involved in obtaining personal, intimate information, and through hypnotism, I have been quite successful in obtaining this. If an individual refuses to co-operate with hypnosis, the doctors with whom I work use drugs, always sodium amytal.

Q: How far do you think individuals could be controlled by hypnosis?

A: This is a very difficult subject. Post-hypnotics will last twenty years and will be very strong if re-enforced from time to time.

Q: Have you ever had any experience with drugs?

A: Yes, many times. I have worked with doctors using sodium amytal and pentothal and have obtained hypnotic control after the drugs were used. In fact, many times drugs were used for the purpose of obtaining hypnotic control.

Q: Do you have any ideas that hypnotism could be used as a weapon?

A: Yes, I have thought about this often. It could certainly be used in obtaining information from recalcitrant people particularly with drugs. It could be used as a recruiting source for special types of work. A good hypnotist running hypnotic shows for entertainment would pick up a great many subjects, some of whom might be exceptionally good subjects for us. These subjects could easily be tabbed and put to use.

Q: Have you ever been able to produce hypnosis without an individual’s knowledge?

A: Yes, through the relaxing technique and on rare occasions [I’ve] been able to produce hypnotism against a person’s will. However, you cannot count on this and to attempt to attach an individual who did not want to be hypnotized alone would be almost an impossible task. In that type of case, I would use sodium amytal and/or sodium pentothal.

Q: How effective are post-hypnotics; over what distances and time can they be effective?

A: Properly used post-hypnotics will last twenty years. They can be made more effective by re-enforcement from time to time. Post-hypnotics are not affected at all by time or travel or distance away from the person who placed the post-hypnotic. As a rule, post-hypnotics should be 100% effective in good subjects.

Q: Can individuals be made to do things under hypnosis that they would not otherwise?

A: Individuals could be taught to do anything including murder, suicide, etc. I do believe that you could carry out acts that would be against an individual’s moral feelings if they were rightly, psychologically conditioned.
Note: Individuals can be hypnotized without their knowledge. They can be programmed to commit murder, suicide, and much more. Think about the implications. How many “suicides” of important people we’ve heard in the news were not really suicides? How many murders were committed by people who didn’t even realize they were assassins? How much has this technology been used to manipulate world politics? Think about the Kennedys, Martin Luther King, Jr., and possibly those involved with 9/11 and other major terrorist attacks. Note this document is not available in the three CD set and must be ordered individually at this link.

CIA document and page number: 140401, pp. 6, 7 (not available in three CD set, order individually here)
Title: Special Research, Bluebird
Date: 1 January 1952 (approximate)
Link to view full text of both pages: Click here
Set out below are specific problems which can only be resolved by experiment, testing and research.

    • Can we obtain control of the future activities (physical and mental) of any given individual, willing or unwilling by application of SI [sleep induction] and H  [hypnosis] techniques?


    • Can we create by post-H control an action contrary to an individual’s basic moral principles?


    • Can we in a matter of an hour, two hours, one day, etc., induce an H condition in an unwilling subject to such an extent that he will perform an act for our benefit?


    • Could we seize a subject and in the space of an hour or two by post-H control have him crash an airplane, wreck a train, etc.?


    • Can we by H and SI techniques force a subject (unwilling or otherwise) to travel long distances, commit specified acts and return to us or bring documents or materials?


    • Can we guarantee total amnesia under any and all conditions?


    • Can we “alter” a person’s personality?


    • Can we devise a system for making unwilling subjects into willing agents and then transfer that control to untrained agency agents in the field by use of codes or identifying signs?


    • Is it possible to find a gas that can be used to gain SI control from a gas pencil, odorless, colorless: one shot, etc.?


    • What are full details on “sleep-inducing machine”?


    • How can sodium A or P or any other sleep inducing agent be best concealed in a normal or commonplace item, such as candy, cigarettes, liquer, wines, coffee, tea, beer, gum water, aspirin tablets, common medicines, coke, tooth paste?


  • Can we, using SI and H extract complicated formula from scientists, engineers, etc., if unwilling?

Note: Reading all of the declassified CIA documents listed in this essay suggests that the answer to most, if not all of the questions above appears to be yes. Note that sleep inducing agents were being placed in candy, aspirin, Coke, and more. Think about the implications if even just a few of the men in these programs decided to use such things outside of the office to manipulate others for their personal benefit. It’s time that this information be made public so we can all be aware of what’s going on and work to stop the abuses. Note for some reason this document is not available in the three CD set and must be ordered individually at this link.

Science Digest Article, pp. 44 – 53 (Not a CIA document, but directly related to the mind control programs)
Title: Hypnosis Comes of Age
Date: April 1971
Link to view full text of article: Click here
Psychologist G. H. Estabrooks reminisces about his long career as a hypnotist. Dr. Estabrooks discusses how he “programmed” American spies with hypnosis and how he helped businessmen and students with his skills. Dr. Estabrooks is a Rhodes Scholar. He took his Doctorate at Harvard (’26), and has authored many articles and books on clinical hypnosis and human behavior.
One of the most fascinating but dangerous applications of hypnosis is its use in military intelligence. This is a field with which I am familiar through formulating guidelines for the techniques used by the United States in two world wars. I was involved in preparing many subjects for this work during World War II.

One successful case involved an Army Service Corps Captain whom we’ll call George Smith. Captain Smith had undergone months of training. He was an excellent subject but did not realize it. I had removed from him, by post-hypnotic suggestion, all recollection of ever having been hypnotized. Outside of myself, Colonel Brown was the only person who could hypnotize Captain Smith. This is “locking.” I performed it by saying to the hypnotized Captain: “Until further orders from me, only Colonel Brown and I can hypnotize you. We will use a signal phrase ‘the moon is clear.’ ” The system is virtually foolproof.

By the 1920’s, not only had they learned to apply post-hypnotic suggestion, [they] also had learned how to split certain complex individuals into multiple personalities like Jeckyl-Hydes. 

During World War II, I worked this technique with a vulnerable Marine lieutenant I’ll call Jones. Under the watchful eye of Marine Intelligence, I spilt his personality into Jones A and Jones B. Jones A, once a “normal” working Marine, became entirely different. He talked communist doctrine and meant it. He was welcomed enthusiastically by communist cells, was deliberately given a dishonorable discharge by the Corps (which was in on the plot) and became a card-carrying party member.

The joker was Jones B, the second personality, formerly apparent in the conscious Marine. Under hypnosis, this Jones had been carefully coached by suggestion. Jones B was the deeper personality, knew all the thoughts of Jones A, was a loyal American, and was “imprinted” to say nothing during conscious phases. All I had to do was hypnotize the whole man, get in touch with Jones B, the loyal American, and I had a pipeline straight into the Communist camp.
Note: Note that in the 1920s, U.S. military intelligence had already developed the capability to cause split personalities. The created super spy or Manchurian Candidate has been a reality for nearly a century, yet very few people know anything about it. These unknowing spies could plant bombs, provide sexual favors, and even assassinate top political leaders. Consider that many countries and key powerful, elite groups have had and used this technology for many decades. Watch the movie Manchurian Candidate to see how real it is.

Brief Summary

After reading all of these revealing documents, you may now understand why there is a major part of our history which has never been written. You may better understand how the Kennedy and King assassinations, 9/11, and other terrorist acts were likely manipulated. Beautiful young women could be programmed to seduce, influence, and if necessary even poison top political leaders. And remember certain powerful, elite groups who have access to large volumes of money also have access to these technologies and often are secretly using them to battle each other. There is an entire hidden history of our world of which few are aware.

For a highly revealing documentary showing powerful evidence of child sexual abuse by powerful elites leading up the steps of Congress, see Conspiracy of Silence available here. For an astonishing, yet inspiring 10-page summary of a revealing book by a woman who once served top politicians in this capacity, click here. By choosing to be aware of such matters and to spread the news on the importance of bringing all this to light, we can make a big difference. And if you are feeling overwhelmed by all this information, please click here.

For a very enlightening essay on mind control, including both the secretive aspects and how it is now being used to help heal people in most transformative ways, don’t miss the powerful lesson from the Insight Course available here. The same technologies that have caused murder and mayhem can also be used to transform our lives and world. You can help bring all this information to light and promote positive transformation. Please see below for how you can help, and thank you for caring.

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JTRIG – Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group

Wikipedia: The Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG) is a unit of the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), the British intelligence agency .[1] The existence of JTRIG was revealed as part of the global surveillance disclosures by NBC News in documents leaked by the former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.[2]

Edward Snowden released this top secret document, and Glen Greenwald published it on his website The Intercept.  Hat tip to Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden.


JTRIG – Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group