The Pete Santilli Show

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The Pete Santilli Show – YouTube LIVE

To listen from your cellphone 24/7, call (712) 432-7848

The live show broadcasts Monday through Saturday, 8pm-11pm Eastern / 5pm-8pm Pacific.  Rebroadcasts can be heard 24 hours per day, seven days per week.


This is one of the best episodes regarding covert harassment and surveillance.  The core of the topic starts at the beginning of the 2nd hour:

This is where you’ll find stuff that Pete talks about on his show.  You won’t even have to Google it.

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3 thoughts on “The Pete Santilli Show

  1. Joe

    I would like to share with you an idea that I have to make people aware and perhaps look into non consensual remote neural monitoring.
    In 1995 former U.S. President Bill Clinton apologized for “thousands” of experiments conducted on innocent Americans.
    Mr Clinton said that Americans were experimented on in secret and that many victims were experimented on without their informed consent, and that the experiments were wrong.
    I believe that if Mr Clinton found out what was happening today regarding remote neural monitoring experimentation and torture, he might at least mention it to his wife Hillary, as an issue for her to take up.
    And hopefully she would try to do something to stop it. For this reason I believe the federal government (at least the departments responsible for targeting innocent people) may not want Hillary as the next president.
    My idea is for T.I.s to display posters at Clinton campaigns or rallys.
    The poster(s) could be sandwiched (hidden) between 2 Hillary For President posters (or any other candidate), so the T.I.s would not be stopped at the entrance.
    Velcro squares on the corners could hold the 3 posters together. Once inside the rally the closer to the front or to the cameras the better.
    The 2 outer posters could be removed to reveal and display the poster in the middle. Which could read such as the following:

    Help Stop Remote Neural Monitoring.
    End Human Experimentation Without Informed Consent. And maybe a website link, so people could learn more.

    I believe that in 1995 former U.S. President stuck his foot in the door for human experimentation victims. I believe that door can be opened again by him, by way of Hillary, for victims of the electronic torture experiments happening today.
    I am not asking for anyone to vote for any particular candidate. I am just pointing out the fact that Clinton did mention human experimentation without consent in 1995 and that it is wrong.
    Thanks from Joe.


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