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I Am A “Targeted Individual” – A Conversation With GMN’s Ken Rhoades

October 28th 2015 Story on Ken Rhodes:

A lot of people have come to love “GMN Ken” (Kenneth Rhoades).

Recently Pete sat down with Ken for an in depth conversation about his life and experiences as a “Targeted Individual”. In this exclusive interview, you will also hear about the detailed conversations Ken had with former FBI agent and whistleblower Ted Gunderson.

An important update to this post below by Leuran Moret on the Global Nuclear Coverup.  The information is riveting.

Leuran Moret on Global Nuclear Cover up; FEMA, Homeland Security and more…

At the 55 minute mark into this video, Leuren Moret talks about the Frequency Weapons used to kill in Rwanda and how they plan to (MASSIVELY) use this in the United States next!  To be used on ALL CITIZENS, Not just on a few, an entire country.

These statements made by Leuran Moret are no different than the use of a (DOD) Department of Defense Directive (not law) to destroy the innocent. (link to the Directive here: Procedure 13 – DoD Directive DoD Directive 5240.1R original directive or the use of a DoD Joint Targeting document for ‘individuals and groups’ across these United States as linked here Joint Targeting (Joint Publication 3-60) drone_dod_jp3_60 , or the targeting of citizens with drones, hovercrafts and other Ariel (low orbiting research satelites) devices to inject painful nano sensors payloads designed to inflect pain and even death (poison, biochemicals and human GPS tracking sensors) as documented here UAV Remote Sensoring and Target tracking (human target tracking of United States citizens as though they are animals)., or even here as an example of a Senate approved budget to inflect harm against their own people, and for what… as Pope Francis states below, for greed, blood money… (senate bill here R and D Budget for UAV with Senors and radars 2007-0305205n. I could go on.

These are their own words….

We citizens of this country must start to hold Congress accountable for this countries destruction.

The destruction that has been brought on for decades and against every citizens, NOT JUST AGAINST THOSE (TIs) THAT THEY MAKE AWARE of their torture, EVERYONE IS DIEING.  Dieing from chemical sprays by air, rare stage 4 cancers, Aneurysms (impact strikes directly to the brain remotely and through your walls), heart attacks (sensor strikes in the healthy) and lung cancers (also in the healthy), chronic pain as in fibromyalgia now reported by the CDC as 1 in 50 citizens now reporting this chronic illness; all done by hunter-kill drone strikes from drone nano sensors payloads that are shot through the walls of our homes.  All of this goes without referencing the high levels of Electromagnetic frequencies now being recorded in the home of knowledgeable victims.  Yes, this all is sadly true, and in their own words.

This is inhumane genocide of an entire country for money.

Pray against those who are using these weapons on its own citizens as they too are not exempt from harm.



Dane Wigington with 18 million supporters on Geongineering Watch Alerts News:

Where this entire video discussion is riveting with a wealth of information at approximately 35 minutes in, it is explained what happens to those who chose to stand for the rights of the American people and discuss the many harms being committed.  The targeting and destruction process that takes place against these government employees.  Keep in mind that most of the research projects against our weather, health, food and more are generally government contractors approved by our own Senators in Congress (for blood money as described by Pope Francis when he spoke to Congress in September 2015).  The workers describe how the entities destroy their lives when they speak about the many wrongs against the American people.

How does this make sense you may ask?  It doesn’t.  If the DOD has created directives, who created them that allow even the destruction of their own agency, who?  And why is this still allowed to occur?  Why haven’t anyone with a sound mind in Congress or the Department of Defense reversed these harms even against themselves?  Who is controlling them?

As Citizens we need to start addressing those in office who have remained in office too long and vote them out.  Any Senator who appropriates funds for testing and evaluation, (torture) of their own citizens do not belong in office. Period.

The Pope Francis Message to Congress and Its Relation to such Chronic Disease as Fibromyalgia and Sciatica

Photo of the Pope Speaking in Congress

The Pope’s Message to Congress and Its Relation to such Chronic Disease as Fibromyalgia and Sciatica (now with 6.8 MILLION citizens targeted)

Article updates below, also the connection to the new Executive Order authorizing ‘Behavioral Science (Experiments) on the American People’ by President Obama.  The link to the Executive Order and Fox New article is at the bottom of this page.

On Thursday September 24th, 2015 Pope Francis spoke in Congress for the first time. Within his speech he spoke of the climate change, and injustices against citizens of this country, and around the world. It was very surprising to here the Pope address such critical issues directly to Congress, into the faces of many of those who have authorized these abuses against their own citizens (for greed, as stated by the Pope) for decades against and against ‘individuals’ and our ‘society’ as a whole. Individually would be explained as those who are knowledgeable of their abuses by government funded technologies and the damage, pain and permanent scaring that they endure 24/7, the ‘society’ as they are defined in the DOD directive as ‘unwitting’ (unknowledgeable) of the reasoning of their disabling chronic pains as described below now being reported in 1 of 50 citizens of this country; nor the knowledge of our ‘first responders’, community groups, and other ‘so-called’ surveillance groups that endure the spraying on their bodies by chemical sprays also known as ‘chem-trails’ nearly on a daily basis. NO ONE IS EXEMPT.

The portion of the speech that I am referring to is as follows:

Quote: ‘Here, (in the U.S.) I ask why are deadly weapons being sold to those who plan to inflect untold suffering on INDIVIDUALS and SOCIETY. Sadly, the answer is for money. Money that is drenched in blood, often innocent blood in the face of the shameful and corporable silence, it is our duty to confront this problem and stop this armed stride.’

What a powerful portion of his speech as the members of Congress stood and applauded, as the camera within Congress was placed on two military leaders sitting in the front row near the Supreme Court Justices, neither applauded and the faces of those military leaders told their story.

What was also interesting was the use of the word ‘corporable’ which is defined as ‘of the human body’, ‘human suffering’, ‘corporal punishment’, as many citizens are suffering 24/7 from the results of the unethical torture, testing the GPS tracking of their bodies, (that is being conducted non-consensually on their bodies) and through the walls of their homes, today by a host of war technologies, corporations and government agencies.  It is also interesting that now the CDC and other medical agencies are reporting that 1 in 50 Americans are now reporting the chronic pains of the results of this testing?  With 98 percent being women victims.

fibromyalgia trigger points image

The above diagram is a ‘fibromyalgia trigger point diagram’.  This diagram also displays the actual locations (trigger points) that many knowledgable ‘targeted’ citizens have had their bodies scanned for GPS frequencies and have proven to have attachments in these same locations and under their skin.

It is being ‘labeled’ as fibromyalgia and sciatica as these trigger points are also those for UAV nano sensor attachment to humans. The chronic pain that is described as the pulling (GPSing of citizens UAV Remote Sensoring and Target tracking ) chronic and severe pain that starts at a person’s joint(s) or ‘boney areas’ of their body (even private areas and eyes) and pulls outward, out of their body and sometimes, skin.  What is extremely sad is that statistics state that 98 percent of woman are now being diagnoised with these INJURIES, and the Senate Approved Budgets continue to 2025 as the UAV 2025 Roadmap. UAV_Roadmap_Test_and_Evaul_to_2025_uavr0401


Severe pain that pulls through the muscle, nerves, tissue and in most cases, through the skin as well.  And just think… 75 Senators have approved 30,000 additional ‘hunter-kill drones’ for development. Link to 2012 article here http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/feb/7/coming-to-a-sky-near-you/?page=all

Just imagine having contracted or agency hovercrafts and computer drone ‘handlers’ sending PACKS of drones (UAVs) and hovercrafts (with red, yellow and green lights) into your neighborhood then begin GPSing your body from the inside out, a sometime deadly pain that feels as though your body is being pulled ‘from the inside out’, and there is nothing you can do about it as these ;war weapons’, hovercraft operators and ‘drone’  UAVs,  (UAV nano sensor details here: UAV_Sensor_Types_and_Details ).

These operators can remotely inject these nano (dwarf nanometre) sensors and more into your body through the walls of your home as documented in the attached DOD Drone Joint Targeting document of citizens (click on official document here:  Joint Targeting (Joint Publication 3-60) drone_dod_jp3_60 ).  These nano sensors are described as being approximately 80,000 times thinner than a human hair which is why they are invisible unless they are striking metal, then the sound of they strikes become apparent.

And this is America?

For most citizens who are ‘knowledgeable’ of being non-consensually used for this torture testing (those defined as ‘targeted’ individuals, or victims of technology abuses ‘click link for official DOD directive on ‘Human Experimentation on ALL U.S. Persons DoD Directive 5240.1R original directive ) are being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Sciatica, these two diagnosis result in the damage to the joints, muscles and skin, and the breaking of the skin with open wounds, burns, lacerations and more to the entire body.

Keep in mind that NOW 1 in 50 Americans are reporting the same chronic pains. That number is 6.8 MILLION, who you can now say is also target ‘quietly’.

Just imagine that there are over 318 million citizens or ‘individuals’ on United States soil, based on recent statistics that 1 in 50 United States citizens, (so far) are reporting this chronic, debilitating pain that NEVER goes away. That would equate to over 6.8 MILLION victims of non-consensual human testing (TARGETED INDIVIDUALS OR T.I.s) and are now living with the attachment of UAV nano Sensors (HUMAN TRAFFICKING/TRACKING OF CITIZENS) to their skin, bones, muscles and skin, that are designed to GPS the citizen, (IR) Infrared to light the human body, Chemical/Biological to inject harmful chemicals and diseases at will. Those Stage-4 RARE cancers and more that are appearing all of a sudden.

The descriptions and details on UAV (drone) and other Ariel war weaponry that is armed with Nano technology, those ‘Hunter-Killer Drones’ that are in our day and night skies are using an ‘age old’, outdated, (with no oversight) Directive 5240.1-r – Human Experimentation for Intelligence Purposes (documents attached here at GMNKen.com to link ‘Every Citizen is Now Targeted by One Entity or Another’), allowing for EVERY PERSON on U.S. soil, including our leaders to be used for testing of these war weapons.

This directive speaks volumes, and to the originators as well as the DOD employees are not exempt from these same harms as well.

Who would do this to the citizens of this country and to their own organization as well, as all Intelligence agencies of the United States, from each government top agency, NSA, FBI (Homeland Security, etc,) and all others fall under the organization structure of the (DOD) Department of Defense and their own directive (not law).

Who would create such a dangerous, unethical genocide resulting ‘directive not law’ against its own people, and why?

Of course we all know the answer, as the Pope stated, ‘for money, blood money drenched in the blood of the innocent’.

It makes you wonder as a citizen, was this ‘directive’ (and Bills, and Appropriations by Congress) and all the destruction that is continuing to our country (disease based components; nano sensor payloads on all armed Ariel vehicles (UAVs/drones and surveillance hover crafts) and chemical spraying as chem-trails in our air); the increasing diagnosis of chronic disabling, painful, diseases such as fibromyalgia and sciatica; are these actions against this country FOREIGN or DOMESTIC creations?

One thing we all know is that AMERICANS ARE WILLFULLY ALLOWING themselves to be used to commit these crimes against ‘individuals’, ‘communities’, and our country as a whole (for MONEY). We also know that our Congress has allowed themselves to accept millions in donations from the same corporations who develop and create these war technologies, and that Congress authorizes testing and evaluation in our country and against its own citizens as written in Senate Bills and Appropriations to these same agencies, corporations and individuals.

It is time that the citizens of this country and those Senators in Congress stop the cycle of harm that Congress has approved FOR DECADES, AGAINST ALL CITIZENS.  Appropriations within every Bill and Budget (for war technology and now drone nano sensor payloads) allowing the testing and evaluation of these drones and their nano-sensor payloads to be performed on every human being; children, woman and men.

It is time for Congress to stop making decisions based on corporate donations that they receive in the millions from these same BILLION DOLLAR corporations, as they (Congress) are allowing a ‘quiet genocide’ against there own people…. (the unwittingly and witting), and even against themselves.

That ‘GREED, FOR MONEY’ that Pope Francis referred to in his speech to Congress.



We all would wonder why such actions are occurring against the American people and people abroad, the GPS tracking of citizens?  Well also just released to the public an Executive Order drafted by President Obama that is a bit unbelievable, the use of ‘Behavioral Science (Experiments) on the American People’.  This includes the use of psychology, science and economics; all areas of critical importance to all citizens.

What also makes this Executive Order strange is that it includes corporations and law enforcement, why law enforcement?  Read the article  and linked ‘Order’ for yourself here: