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I Am A “Targeted Individual” – A Conversation With GMN’s Ken Rhoades

October 28th 2015 Story on Ken Rhodes:

A lot of people have come to love “GMN Ken” (Kenneth Rhoades).

Recently Pete sat down with Ken for an in depth conversation about his life and experiences as a “Targeted Individual”. In this exclusive interview, you will also hear about the detailed conversations Ken had with former FBI agent and whistleblower Ted Gunderson.

An important update to this post below by Leuran Moret on the Global Nuclear Coverup.  The information is riveting.

Leuran Moret on Global Nuclear Cover up; FEMA, Homeland Security and more…

At the 55 minute mark into this video, Leuren Moret talks about the Frequency Weapons used to kill in Rwanda and how they plan to (MASSIVELY) use this in the United States next!  To be used on ALL CITIZENS, Not just on a few, an entire country.

These statements made by Leuran Moret are no different than the use of a (DOD) Department of Defense Directive (not law) to destroy the innocent. (link to the Directive here: Procedure 13 – DoD Directive DoD Directive 5240.1R original directive or the use of a DoD Joint Targeting document for ‘individuals and groups’ across these United States as linked here Joint Targeting (Joint Publication 3-60) drone_dod_jp3_60 , or the targeting of citizens with drones, hovercrafts and other Ariel (low orbiting research satelites) devices to inject painful nano sensors payloads designed to inflect pain and even death (poison, biochemicals and human GPS tracking sensors) as documented here UAV Remote Sensoring and Target tracking (human target tracking of United States citizens as though they are animals)., or even here as an example of a Senate approved budget to inflect harm against their own people, and for what… as Pope Francis states below, for greed, blood money… (senate bill here R and D Budget for UAV with Senors and radars 2007-0305205n. I could go on.

These are their own words….

We citizens of this country must start to hold Congress accountable for this countries destruction.

The destruction that has been brought on for decades and against every citizens, NOT JUST AGAINST THOSE (TIs) THAT THEY MAKE AWARE of their torture, EVERYONE IS DIEING.  Dieing from chemical sprays by air, rare stage 4 cancers, Aneurysms (impact strikes directly to the brain remotely and through your walls), heart attacks (sensor strikes in the healthy) and lung cancers (also in the healthy), chronic pain as in fibromyalgia now reported by the CDC as 1 in 50 citizens now reporting this chronic illness; all done by hunter-kill drone strikes from drone nano sensors payloads that are shot through the walls of our homes.  All of this goes without referencing the high levels of Electromagnetic frequencies now being recorded in the home of knowledgeable victims.  Yes, this all is sadly true, and in their own words.

This is inhumane genocide of an entire country for money.

Pray against those who are using these weapons on its own citizens as they too are not exempt from harm.



Dane Wigington with 18 million supporters on Geongineering Watch Alerts News:

Where this entire video discussion is riveting with a wealth of information at approximately 35 minutes in, it is explained what happens to those who chose to stand for the rights of the American people and discuss the many harms being committed.  The targeting and destruction process that takes place against these government employees.  Keep in mind that most of the research projects against our weather, health, food and more are generally government contractors approved by our own Senators in Congress (for blood money as described by Pope Francis when he spoke to Congress in September 2015).  The workers describe how the entities destroy their lives when they speak about the many wrongs against the American people.

How does this make sense you may ask?  It doesn’t.  If the DOD has created directives, who created them that allow even the destruction of their own agency, who?  And why is this still allowed to occur?  Why haven’t anyone with a sound mind in Congress or the Department of Defense reversed these harms even against themselves?  Who is controlling them?

As Citizens we need to start addressing those in office who have remained in office too long and vote them out.  Any Senator who appropriates funds for testing and evaluation, (torture) of their own citizens do not belong in office. Period.