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Request for Congressional Hearing and Investigation by ‘Knowledgeable’ Targeted Citizens

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An Update to this letter and story is posted below 02.10.15:

**To all readers, this was the last letter sent to Senator Durbin during his Human Rights Hearing and for consideration.  Prior to this letter only Congressional Committee Leaders, and the President of the United States of America was sent this letter.

The letter reads as follows and has all addresses, fax numbers and phone numbers of all parties removed for their privacy.

Request for Civil Rights Commission Hearings and Investigation Consideration; Submitted by United States of America Citizens who are victims of Human and Civil Rights Violations by Government Funded Agencies, Corporations and Technologies

GMNKen.com (for downloading of supporting documentation)

December 4th, 2014

The United States of America

President Barack H. Obama

(address and phone moved)


Senator Dick Durbin, Senate Civil Rights Commission Hearings

Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Human Rights

(address and phone moved)


U.S. Senator Barbara A. Mikulski, (D-Md.), Chairwoman

Congressional Committee Members on Senate Appropriations


U.S. Senator Thomas R. Carper, Chairman

U.S Senator Tom Coburn, MD

Congressional Committee Members on Homeland Security and Government Affairs


U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, Chairwoman

U.S. Senator John Isakson, Co-Chair

Congressional Committee Members on Ethics


U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, Chairwoman

U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss, Co-Chair

U.S. Senate Committee on Intelligence

(Phone and Fax removed)

*Several Intelligence Committee Members Emailed Direct


United States Senate Washington, D.C. 20510


U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, Ohio

(address and phone removed)


To The President of The United States of America and Members of Congress,

As decades of Senate Appropriations Budgets, Bills and Justifications have authorized the development, testing and evaluation of ‘Weapons of Mass’ destructions (WMDs), in addition, and within these Appropriations, Budgets, Bills and Justifications ‘blind testing’ and evaluation has also been authorized to millions of contractors and agencies as well.

These ‘blindly issued’ and ‘unaccountable authorizations’ to test and evaluate weapons, chemicals, biological chemicals, and other (WMDs) ‘Weapons of Mass destruction’ has allowed those with their ‘hands on these many triggers’ to point their technologies on (knowledgeable) ‘WITTING’ and ‘UNWITTING’ CITIZENS’ of this country, and abroad. Citizens are knowledgeable of their torture, and inhumane unethical and unconscionable testing of war technology being conducted without their consent against their bodies. Innocent citizens and their family members, millions of innocent tax paying citizens with war technologies ‘knowledgeable and unknowledgeable’ pointed at themselves and their family members. These are unlawful corporation and agency actions of intent to harm and kill human beings, citizens; children, women and men, for money and at the pleasure of ‘Drone and Military grade Hovercrafts handlers’ criminal bullies on steroids.

These actions alone are acts of HUMAN TRAFFICING of our bodies without consent nor controls to protect and defend ourselves from these harms. These actions are HUMAN AND CIVIL RIGHTS ABUSES, and all equate to HUMAN TORTURE of millions to billions of citizens TODAY.

With the use of hidden directives such as ‘DOD Directive 5240.1-r – Procedure 13 Human Experimentation for Intelligence Purposes’ allowing the testing and evaluation of any technology on any U.S. Person and those foreigners living on U.S. soil. This ‘directive not law’ has been unethically and inhumanly passed from agency to agency and contractor to contractor resulting in TORTURE TESTING ON HUMAN BEINGS (defined as U.S. Persons).

With approximately 8000 drones (UNMANNED ARIEL VEHICLES and more in contracted military grade Hovercrafts) currently in our skies, manned by ‘handlers’ whose’ certification requires a 90 to 120 day training rotation period, that ONLY includes HUMAN TARGETS, ‘Human targets’ now being injected with NANO SENSORS of all kinds. UAV sensors payloads that are injecting chemicals into the human body, Infrared sensors that ‘light’ the human body, GPS sensors that track the human being for more harms and not surveillance, and more. All actions that are not only PAINFUL injections of ‘TORTURE’ devices (sensors) but also ‘INHUMANE’ and ‘UNETHICAL’ treatment of any human being protected by the CONSTITUTION of these UNITED STATES.

drone lighting bodies

WE ALL ARE AT RISK, even those in Congress as these drone technologies are being perfected on the backs of your human tax payers. Should these inhumane torturous acts be allowed to continue to genocidal proportion? No they should not.

Why since 1950 have US tax dollars been used to fund tortuous mind-control experiments on our citizens that include our children, now the experimentation continues remotely by UNMANNED ARIEL VEHICLES also known as DRONES such as the REAPER.

drone image at night

Why after the 1977 and 1995 Congressional Hearings on human experiments where survivors testified as to their child torture by government employees, have taxpayers continued to fund US government agencies that torture men, woman and innocent children?

Why today are taxpayers funding through the National Institute of Health, 20 universities in a trial of restricted blood and oxygen for premature babies when hundreds of babies have already died in the experiment?

Why is the HHS (Health and Human Services), a government funded agency that governs the psychiatric facilities and the citizens who are being encouraged to report that the have a mental disorder, also used to supply citizens for targeting to the Department of Defense per their own DOD Drone Joint Targeting training documentation that targets the citizens of this country? Why?

Why today are taxpayers funding through the Health and Human Services, (also a documented source to provide victims names for ‘Joint Drone Targeting’ to DOD and other agencies) also has an ‘open’ contractor request for ‘Radiation Experimentation on Women and Minorities’? Radiation experimentation (torture burns) that is also a part of the remote assaults on citizens by UNMANNED ARIEL VEHICLES (Drones), HOVERCRAFTS and more.

Why is the public being purposely mislead to think that the US and Canadian governments are not continuing to perform human experimentation on all citizens including our children?

I am a TORTURED SURVIVOR of these crimes against this country and its citizens; men, woman and even our children. We are forced to endure 24 hour pain, and torture through the walls of our homes from government funded technology; war payloads of inhumane painful nano sensors installed on UNMANNED ARIEL VEHICLES hovering over our heads as high as 65,000 feet. This goes without saying ALL of the additional technologies designed for war such as dangerous levels of exposure by Directed Energy, Microware Energy, Radiation exposure, Chemical Gassing, Bio-chemicals resulting in cancers, deadly Sensors that collapse our lungs or inject heart attacks in health citizen and more; all being shot at the citizens of this country and now ALL can also be injected, applied or dispersed by UNMANNED ARIEL VEHICLES, military grade hovercrafts and military planes.

Helpless citizens victimized by BILLION DOLLAR government funded technology designed for wars that we do not have and only designed to harm its citizens.

We are forced to endure the daily and nightly flights over my homes and communities as these UAVs and Hovercraft handlers swarm in ‘packs’ are seeking out citizens by their skin attached GPS nano sensors. Our entire bodies endure torturous attacks to our head and brains (as unethical brain experiment continues), our skin as sensors slice and sting to the bone, our muscles as our muscles are sent into severe spasms, our nervous system that is now advertised as fibromyalgia when it is the attachment of nano sensors to the nervous system; out bones and joints and even internal origins, all under continuous ‘remote’ attacks. Our skin has been sliced by the array of UAV and Hovercraft sensors splattered into my homes resulting in ‘open flesh wounds’, and IN AMERICA, and the assaults continue as military grade aircraft continue to stalk us and all other citizens by day with the mark of an X in the skies over our communities. There are no names on the spraying of Chemtrail that are now also being used to spray nano sensors over neighborhoods, not one victims name, only reckless disregard for human life.


UAV MIT technology view through walls

MITs technology now part of the UNMANNED ARIEL VEHICLES

IT IS TIME FOR SUCH HEARINGS AS THE FORMER ‘1975-76 CHURCH HEARINGS’ that were conducted to address the misdeeds and citizen abuses by many of our government agencies. Government agencies that included the CIA, FBI, NSA and IRS, amongst others.

Well I am here to inform you all that these same abuses exist and continue today, but now at GENOCIDAL proportion. What makes this ‘period in time’ different than the 70s Church Hearing is that UNMANNED ARIEL VEHICLES and military grade HOVERCRAFTS (hovering in our skies) are killing machines, KILLING MACHINES being perfected (tested and evaluated) on the lives of the citizens of this country. Citizens that most agencies hire to conduct surveillance, or as ‘law enforcement contractors’ or ‘first responders’, or police officer and sadly our MILITARY SOLDIERS and VETERANS, all are now being victimized as well as these citizens are hired to troll our freeways, roads and neighborhoods as false SAR (suspicious activity reports) or FALSE NSL (National Security Letters) are being issued on innocent citizens into the millions. Innocent citizens into the millions used by corporations, contractors and government agencies with an unknown ‘price on their heads’ as non-consensual victims of crimes.

It is time for Hearings to address these criminal and genocidal acts against the citizens (human beings) of these United States of America now documented and proven.

As a representative of survivors who are enduring tortuous US government experiments that involved the remote rape, human torture, murder, kidnapping and exploitation of innocent children, woman and even men we are requesting an immediate Congressional Investigation and Hearings into this ongoing travesty.

‘AS A FINAL THOUGHT TO YOU ALL’, Does any of you truly know who is responsible for the acts of the genocide against the citizens, and our leaders of this country? Are these ‘Acts of Genocide and Human Destruction against the ‘People’ of this country Foreign or Domestic entities?

What is clear to all VICTIMS OF TORTURE are the number of government agencies that have received SENATE APPROPRAIONS to development, test and evaluate war technologies, there is no authorization for HUMAN TORTURE and KILLINGS. These crimes against YOUR citizens who voted you all into office are affecting every citizen of this country and any ‘quiet approach’ to resolution is not appropriate. The health of YOUR citizens is being damaged, citizens are being disabled, maimed and killed. Men, women and children assaulted as they ‘try’ to sleep, work, walk, drive vehicles, or even our children at play.

It is time for PUBLIC CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS and to stop these genocidal, deadly acts against the citizens of this country NOW.

Respectfully Submitted To:


* Additional Senator sent this official request…

U.S. Senator Barbara A. Mikulski (D-Md.), Chairwoman of the Senate Appropriations Committee

Phone/Contact/Fax number:

U.S. Senator Thomas Carper, Chair and U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, Ranking Member – Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

Phone/Contact/Fax number

U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, Chairwoman of Ethics

U.S. Senator John Isakson, Co-Chair

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, Chairwoman

U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss, Co-Chair

U.S. Senate Committee on Intelligence
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH)

*Sent to President Barack Obama, Congressional Committee Members and Congressional Members websites, and confirmation

Sent by U.S. mail and phone fax confirmation as well.

An Update to this letter and story:

To hide a TRILLION DOLLAR UNMANNED ARIEL VEHICEL INDUSTRY (UAV Roadmap to 2015 to have EVERY CITIZEN tagged with GPS nano sensors, in their own words) and the technology capabilities that have been perfected through drones that can hover over communities as high as 65,000 feet for months, and controlled by ‘computer handlers with Godlike capabilities’, making choices on lives to destruct, invading our privacy with through-the-walls capabilities, while committing silent crimes.

Our world has become ill, ill with the intent do harm innocent citizens for the sake of developing needless weapons.  While committing the crimes against humanity some of the most horrific devices and technologies are being perfected on men, woman and children, here are a few:

Microwave auditory effect (Voice to Skull to torture children and adults)

The microwave auditory effect, also known as the microwave hearing effect or the Frey effect, consists of audible clicks (or, with speech modulation, spoken words) induced by pulsed/modulated microwave frequencies. The clicks are generated directly inside the human head without the need of any receiving electronic device. The effect was first reported by persons working in the vicinity of radar transponders during World War II. These induced sounds are not audible to other people nearby. The microwave auditory effect was later discovered to be inducible with shorter-wavelength portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. During the Cold War era, the American neuroscientist Allan H. Frey studied this phenomenon and was the first to publish[1] information on the nature of the microwave auditory effect.

Pulsed microwave radiation can be heard by some workers; the irradiated personnel perceive auditory sensations of clicking or buzzing. The cause is thought to be thermoelastic expansion of portions of auditory apparatus.[2] The auditory system response occurs at least from 200 MHz to at least 3 GHz. In the tests, repetition rate of 50 Hz was used, with pulse width between 10–70 microseconds. The perceived loudness was found to be linked to the peak power density instead of average power density. At 1.245 GHz, the peak power density for perception was below 80 mW/cm2.[citation needed] However, competing theories explain the results of interferometric holography tests differently.[3]

In 2003-2004, the WaveBand Corp. had a contract from the US Navy for the design an MAE system they called MEDUSA (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio) intended to remotely, temporarily incapacitate personnel. The project continues today…..

CAN ANY HUMAN BEING IMAGINE BEING SUBJECTED TO VOICE TRANSMISSION TO YOU BRAIN 24 HOURS A DAY IN ORDER TO TORTURE AN INNOCENT HUMAN BEING….for fun?   Or the posting of UNMANNED ARIEL VEHICLES over neighborhoods to seek out random citizens to commit UNGODLY harms against.  Or to burn their bodies from the insides out with high levels of Microwave and Directed Energy frequencies, well yes and it is occurring everyday. 

The is the sickness of what million of citizens, EVEN CHILDREN are being forced to endure.

The Pope Francis Message to Congress and Its Relation to such Chronic Disease as Fibromyalgia and Sciatica

Photo of the Pope Speaking in Congress

The Pope’s Message to Congress and Its Relation to such Chronic Disease as Fibromyalgia and Sciatica (now with 6.8 MILLION citizens targeted)

Article updates below, also the connection to the new Executive Order authorizing ‘Behavioral Science (Experiments) on the American People’ by President Obama.  The link to the Executive Order and Fox New article is at the bottom of this page.

On Thursday September 24th, 2015 Pope Francis spoke in Congress for the first time. Within his speech he spoke of the climate change, and injustices against citizens of this country, and around the world. It was very surprising to here the Pope address such critical issues directly to Congress, into the faces of many of those who have authorized these abuses against their own citizens (for greed, as stated by the Pope) for decades against and against ‘individuals’ and our ‘society’ as a whole. Individually would be explained as those who are knowledgeable of their abuses by government funded technologies and the damage, pain and permanent scaring that they endure 24/7, the ‘society’ as they are defined in the DOD directive as ‘unwitting’ (unknowledgeable) of the reasoning of their disabling chronic pains as described below now being reported in 1 of 50 citizens of this country; nor the knowledge of our ‘first responders’, community groups, and other ‘so-called’ surveillance groups that endure the spraying on their bodies by chemical sprays also known as ‘chem-trails’ nearly on a daily basis. NO ONE IS EXEMPT.

The portion of the speech that I am referring to is as follows:

Quote: ‘Here, (in the U.S.) I ask why are deadly weapons being sold to those who plan to inflect untold suffering on INDIVIDUALS and SOCIETY. Sadly, the answer is for money. Money that is drenched in blood, often innocent blood in the face of the shameful and corporable silence, it is our duty to confront this problem and stop this armed stride.’

What a powerful portion of his speech as the members of Congress stood and applauded, as the camera within Congress was placed on two military leaders sitting in the front row near the Supreme Court Justices, neither applauded and the faces of those military leaders told their story.

What was also interesting was the use of the word ‘corporable’ which is defined as ‘of the human body’, ‘human suffering’, ‘corporal punishment’, as many citizens are suffering 24/7 from the results of the unethical torture, testing the GPS tracking of their bodies, (that is being conducted non-consensually on their bodies) and through the walls of their homes, today by a host of war technologies, corporations and government agencies.  It is also interesting that now the CDC and other medical agencies are reporting that 1 in 50 Americans are now reporting the chronic pains of the results of this testing?  With 98 percent being women victims.

fibromyalgia trigger points image

The above diagram is a ‘fibromyalgia trigger point diagram’.  This diagram also displays the actual locations (trigger points) that many knowledgable ‘targeted’ citizens have had their bodies scanned for GPS frequencies and have proven to have attachments in these same locations and under their skin.

It is being ‘labeled’ as fibromyalgia and sciatica as these trigger points are also those for UAV nano sensor attachment to humans. The chronic pain that is described as the pulling (GPSing of citizens UAV Remote Sensoring and Target tracking ) chronic and severe pain that starts at a person’s joint(s) or ‘boney areas’ of their body (even private areas and eyes) and pulls outward, out of their body and sometimes, skin.  What is extremely sad is that statistics state that 98 percent of woman are now being diagnoised with these INJURIES, and the Senate Approved Budgets continue to 2025 as the UAV 2025 Roadmap. UAV_Roadmap_Test_and_Evaul_to_2025_uavr0401


Severe pain that pulls through the muscle, nerves, tissue and in most cases, through the skin as well.  And just think… 75 Senators have approved 30,000 additional ‘hunter-kill drones’ for development. Link to 2012 article here http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/feb/7/coming-to-a-sky-near-you/?page=all

Just imagine having contracted or agency hovercrafts and computer drone ‘handlers’ sending PACKS of drones (UAVs) and hovercrafts (with red, yellow and green lights) into your neighborhood then begin GPSing your body from the inside out, a sometime deadly pain that feels as though your body is being pulled ‘from the inside out’, and there is nothing you can do about it as these ;war weapons’, hovercraft operators and ‘drone’  UAVs,  (UAV nano sensor details here: UAV_Sensor_Types_and_Details ).

These operators can remotely inject these nano (dwarf nanometre) sensors and more into your body through the walls of your home as documented in the attached DOD Drone Joint Targeting document of citizens (click on official document here:  Joint Targeting (Joint Publication 3-60) drone_dod_jp3_60 ).  These nano sensors are described as being approximately 80,000 times thinner than a human hair which is why they are invisible unless they are striking metal, then the sound of they strikes become apparent.

And this is America?

For most citizens who are ‘knowledgeable’ of being non-consensually used for this torture testing (those defined as ‘targeted’ individuals, or victims of technology abuses ‘click link for official DOD directive on ‘Human Experimentation on ALL U.S. Persons DoD Directive 5240.1R original directive ) are being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Sciatica, these two diagnosis result in the damage to the joints, muscles and skin, and the breaking of the skin with open wounds, burns, lacerations and more to the entire body.

Keep in mind that NOW 1 in 50 Americans are reporting the same chronic pains. That number is 6.8 MILLION, who you can now say is also target ‘quietly’.

Just imagine that there are over 318 million citizens or ‘individuals’ on United States soil, based on recent statistics that 1 in 50 United States citizens, (so far) are reporting this chronic, debilitating pain that NEVER goes away. That would equate to over 6.8 MILLION victims of non-consensual human testing (TARGETED INDIVIDUALS OR T.I.s) and are now living with the attachment of UAV nano Sensors (HUMAN TRAFFICKING/TRACKING OF CITIZENS) to their skin, bones, muscles and skin, that are designed to GPS the citizen, (IR) Infrared to light the human body, Chemical/Biological to inject harmful chemicals and diseases at will. Those Stage-4 RARE cancers and more that are appearing all of a sudden.

The descriptions and details on UAV (drone) and other Ariel war weaponry that is armed with Nano technology, those ‘Hunter-Killer Drones’ that are in our day and night skies are using an ‘age old’, outdated, (with no oversight) Directive 5240.1-r – Human Experimentation for Intelligence Purposes (documents attached here at GMNKen.com to link ‘Every Citizen is Now Targeted by One Entity or Another’), allowing for EVERY PERSON on U.S. soil, including our leaders to be used for testing of these war weapons.

This directive speaks volumes, and to the originators as well as the DOD employees are not exempt from these same harms as well.

Who would do this to the citizens of this country and to their own organization as well, as all Intelligence agencies of the United States, from each government top agency, NSA, FBI (Homeland Security, etc,) and all others fall under the organization structure of the (DOD) Department of Defense and their own directive (not law).

Who would create such a dangerous, unethical genocide resulting ‘directive not law’ against its own people, and why?

Of course we all know the answer, as the Pope stated, ‘for money, blood money drenched in the blood of the innocent’.

It makes you wonder as a citizen, was this ‘directive’ (and Bills, and Appropriations by Congress) and all the destruction that is continuing to our country (disease based components; nano sensor payloads on all armed Ariel vehicles (UAVs/drones and surveillance hover crafts) and chemical spraying as chem-trails in our air); the increasing diagnosis of chronic disabling, painful, diseases such as fibromyalgia and sciatica; are these actions against this country FOREIGN or DOMESTIC creations?

One thing we all know is that AMERICANS ARE WILLFULLY ALLOWING themselves to be used to commit these crimes against ‘individuals’, ‘communities’, and our country as a whole (for MONEY). We also know that our Congress has allowed themselves to accept millions in donations from the same corporations who develop and create these war technologies, and that Congress authorizes testing and evaluation in our country and against its own citizens as written in Senate Bills and Appropriations to these same agencies, corporations and individuals.

It is time that the citizens of this country and those Senators in Congress stop the cycle of harm that Congress has approved FOR DECADES, AGAINST ALL CITIZENS.  Appropriations within every Bill and Budget (for war technology and now drone nano sensor payloads) allowing the testing and evaluation of these drones and their nano-sensor payloads to be performed on every human being; children, woman and men.

It is time for Congress to stop making decisions based on corporate donations that they receive in the millions from these same BILLION DOLLAR corporations, as they (Congress) are allowing a ‘quiet genocide’ against there own people…. (the unwittingly and witting), and even against themselves.

That ‘GREED, FOR MONEY’ that Pope Francis referred to in his speech to Congress.



We all would wonder why such actions are occurring against the American people and people abroad, the GPS tracking of citizens?  Well also just released to the public an Executive Order drafted by President Obama that is a bit unbelievable, the use of ‘Behavioral Science (Experiments) on the American People’.  This includes the use of psychology, science and economics; all areas of critical importance to all citizens.

What also makes this Executive Order strange is that it includes corporations and law enforcement, why law enforcement?  Read the article  and linked ‘Order’ for yourself here:



sibel edmonds photo

A True Story… ‘ Kill The Messager’ a former FBI Translator

Sibel Edmonds Former FBI Translator Targeted for being a Whistle Blower, Documentary

Comment from the poster:

Another interesting ‘Whistleblower interview’.  If there was nothing to Edmond’s allegations of internal FBI misfeasance, cover-up, collusion in anti-American crimes, duplicity, fraud, shielding double-agents, etc. WHY would FBI, Justice Dept., Intel officials do everything they could to gag Edmonds and threaten her silence under the outrageous claim of ‘National Security’?  The extensive cover-up suggests deep state manipulation of foreign terrorists as false-flag patsies to blame for military reprisals on targeted nation-states.



survEILLANCE STAte image

The Dark Secrets of a Surveillance State

The Dark Secrets of a Surveillance State

One such article, one of several really good-ones… 14th August 2014 Source – TED Speech Presented – June 201 Hubertus Knabe studies the history of torture, oppression and surveillance in the former East Germany, carried out by the secret security police known as the Stasi; himself becoming a target of reprisals, in the form of ‘Zersetzung’, for his views and work.

Knabe’s speech, delivered in Berlin earlier in June this year, describes the process of Zersetzung, the tactics which are almost identical to ‘U.S. Organized Community Stalking’ (aka gang stalking) of today and the spreading of false information about innocent citizens in order to incite further hate crimes against them and their family members. The ‘psyops’ (as documented in the DOD Joint Target document Joint Targeting (Joint Publication 3-60) drone_dod_jp3_60) , the spreading of false propaganda about any innocent citizen and generally without cause, only their selection or nomination process by joint military agencies. True, documented, inhumane, torture for greed, power and control.

Target a few, to gain access to Many, those who are recruited are also targeted and utilized for experimentation, at times even more than those they target or stalk.

The fifteen minute speech describes the dark world of the Stasi security agency who masterminded the system of surveillance and psychological pressure that kept the country under control for decades, and which has been adopted by corrupt intelligence services worldwide to this day, for extra-judicial punishment of targeted individuals.

 Every Citizen is a Target…. 


myron may photo

Myron Mays FaceBook Letter and Recorded Statement

An Update to the story of Myron May Posted January 25th, 2015

By ‘Real Politik’ with Dr. James Tracy – Myron recording.  In this recording Myron May discussed the ‘process of targeting innocent citizens ACROSS THIS COUNTRY’, and the torture he and others endured and are enduring daily as a knowledgable ‘targeted citizen’ of this country. 

He discussed very calmly (which is quite strange) how government groups, citizens groups (such as COPs, Fusion Centers, CERTS and even Citizens Corps); neighbors and neighborhood watch groups, friends and even family members can be recruited for money or blackmail (or for hate), into harassing another innocent citizen. 

He speaks calmly of the recruitment process, the ‘ankering process’,  ‘noise campaigns’ , ‘street theater’, and recruitment of neighbors and others around an innocent citizen, by many individuals who also become targeted by the same systems once they agree to become perpetrators against another innocent person.  This is what the DOD has documented as the Joint Targeting Process where even those they recruit are considered collateral damage, so what does that say about this ‘targeting of citizens’ (Joint Targeting training document linked here Joint Targeting (Joint Publication 3-60) drone_dod_jp3_60 .

The strangeness of this recorded interview and the level of knowledge of Myron May almost appears as though this would be the voice of a recruited trainer and leaves many puzzled by the level of detailed information about how citizens are TRUELY TARGETED by these predators.

Though every citizen is now being targeted in one form or another, and per DOD Directive (link here 524001r) 5240.1-r – Procedure 13 Human Experimentation on all U.S. Persons and others for Intelligence Purposes, he did not fully understanding the ‘Joint targeting process’, nor how to (try) to survive the torment without harming others.  In addition he stated that thousands of citizens are being targeted, that number is grossly incorrect, MILLIONS OF CITIZENS ARE AWARE of their targeting, while BILLIONS are being subjected to one form of targeting or another as EVERY CITIZEN is now being sprayed with CHEMTRAILS on nearly every clear day.  Those who are recruited are at greater risk as they are being asked to descend upon an innocent ‘target’, a citizen not guilty of any crimes in order to harass or stalk, or photograph, or damage their property, all so bizarre yet true as documented in the DOD Joint Targeting publication.  The attempt by DOD, and Corporations is to gain access to as many citizens as possible in order to execute there experimentation, be it by chemicals sprayed into the air, or remote neural monitoring, or release of biological agents….AND THIS IS STILL AMERICA.  The clouds tell the truth…CHEMTRAILS sprayed on their own recruits.  Chemtrails that result in sickness, illness, heart attacks and more. 

chemtrail plane

Chemtrails generally include four to six planes crossing back-and-forth across our skies; corporate or agency planes, spraying over an entire city until the trails spread and leave a then layer of smog.  Smog with chemicals that can fall like webs, or can be tasted as chemicals in your mouth, and or increase breathing problems and more.  Chemicals falling into our clouds, onto our fields of food, into our water, onto our hair and skin, and more.

This is when organic foods grown in our fields no longer become true organic, and our farms as a whole become contaminated.

‘Targeted Survivors’ who are knowledgable of their targeting are struggling to ‘Survive the torment’, seems a bit inhumane, but it is what is happening to MILLIONS to BILLIONS of citizens of this country and around the word.

Here are some of the words of what HUMAN BEINGS of this country go though on a daily basis and receive no help in ending this torture from our government.  No help to stop these corporations and government agencies from torturing unwitting citizens of this country with war technology, after all our Senate appropriates these funds on a regular basis and won’t undo what they have done to our country for DECADES, for the millions of dollars they receive in donations and funding support from these same corporations???



The issue of ‘tortured citizen survivors’ remains true, but the question is why now make the torment of millions of innocent citizens (most known to the public and government) apparent to all of society.  Why, as these many torturous attacks have remained quiet for decades as America’s dirty little secret, as many citizens have been suffering in silence. Why?

Does this mean that President Obama will now take action against the genocidal abuses of millions of citizens?

Does this mean the President Obama and Congress will undo the many Appropriations to the thousand of corporations  who are presently mastering UAV/UAS drone technology that is armed with Sensor Payloads that are only designed to painfully attach to human skin to track humans, and inject chemicals designed to increase cancers and even death, what does this possible HOAX (THOUGH EVERY WORD IS TRUE) mean to our country?

***Important note regarding the posting of Myron Mays’ Facebook letter.  We, I and those who support our country; some are former military, doctors, lawyers, white-collar, blue-collar; men, woman and children, and we do not condone violence. Period.

What is sad regarding the shooting of innocent citizens and the ‘torture testing of individuals’ who try to understand these horrific inhumane actions and crimes against their lives; and even those millions to billions of innocent citizens who only seek medications for the same ‘torture testing’ by war technologies being produced by TRILLION DOLLAR corporations and government agencies, now for decades, but have worsened with the growing UAV/UAS Unmanned Ariel Vehicles and Systems (drone industry). 

This man, Myron May did not stand a chance of survival.  He did not know of the many technologies now being tested and evaluated on innocent citizens, and that he was being ‘remotely tortured’ severely.  We are sadden by the shooting of innocent citizens and even more sadden that a corporation or agency drove a productive, successful human being into such fear.  Imagine being hunted 24/7 and struck with high frequency weapons with direct painful impact to your entire body as was Myron May (Joint Targeting (Joint Publication 3-60) drone_dod_jp3_60 as documented in this DOD Drone Joint Targeting training document).  To be tracked by GPS drone sensors shot into your body (UAV_Sensor_Types_and_Details as described in their sensor description document) and every muscle, joint and nerve, all to induce more severe pain, as Myron May. 

Then imagine the assignment by slander (per the Individual and Group targeting procedures detailed in the above ‘Joint Targeting’document), false (SAR) ‘Suspicious Activity Reports’ and possibly a false (NSL) National Security Letter being spread amongst your neighbors and associates and even your family members, and hundreds of others to stalk and GPS track your body as their bodies groups/neighbors) are also being GPS tracked and tested on at various levels as well as was Myron May (ONCE YOU AGREE TO ENGAGE IN STALKING AND HARASSING A INNOCENT HUMAN BEING ‘YOU’ SELL YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS AND YOUR SOUL TO THESE ORGANIZATIONS. THEY KNOW YOU ARE WILLING TO BREAK THE LAW AND COMMITT HARMFUL ACTS AGAINS ANOTHER HUMAN BEING, JUST FOR THE ASKING OR THE MONEY PAID TO YOU).  This is the sick, inhumane direction of our country, now for decades…..FOR GREED and the devaluing of 80% of its citizens (just only Senate Budget for UAV and human Sensors R and D Budget for UAV with Senors and radars 2007-0305205n).

Target a few to gain access to MANY….’***



https://www.facebook.com/myronmayknewtruth Myron May Suicide Letter – PLEASE SHARE The purpose of this letter is 3 fold… First, I would like to make a sincere plea to you not to let my personal story die … Enclosed within this letter you will find a USB flash drive containing a personal testimony from me about the financial, emotional and psychological pain that I have endured over the course of the last few months since I have discovered that I was a targeted individual. I have literally been forced to endure a living hell. There are thousands of targeted individuals within the United States that literally suffer each and every day at the hands of our government. Personally, I have experienced significant harassment from law enforcement in every place that I have been these past few months. Second, over the coming days and weeks you will hear numerous people label me as a person with mental health issues. If you simply google “targeted individuals”, “gang stalking”, “Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance” or Dr. Robert Duncan, you will see that what I have experienced, albeit not widely known, is very real. In addition, you can find various videos on YouTube by searching under these exact same search terms. Our government is able to capitalize on this lack of knowledge among the general population to coax sentiments towards questioning the mental health of targeted individuals rather then admitting the truth that there is a system of covert torture of ordinary innocent citizens that is happening within our borders. I have not told a single person exactly what I intend to do and only you eight people know that I intend to do anything at all, but my goal is to garner some much needed media attention to the plight of targeted individuals because we are a marginalized group with few financial assets. Coincidentally, that means that we get ignored. Third, enclosed within you will also find a sample letter to Congress. Please encourage as many people as you can to send a copy of this letter to Congress. My hope is that if enough people take a genuine concern into the struggles of targeted individuals then Congress will have to do something to stop this once and for all. Not like the false machinations of stopping it that took place in the 70s with Cointelpro. I apologize for putting this responsibility on you guys, but you are the people that I know and trust. I’m confident that Miss Mitchell will not allow my story to die. I sincerely hope that you will 1. keep an electronic copy of my story for yourself, 2. provide a copy for distribution to media outlets, 3. make sure that Miss Mitchell gets a copy, though I am sending her a copy I fear that it may be intercepted, and 4. see to it that if my story is removed from the internet, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. it will be promptly re-uploaded. I know that I’m asking for a lot but please assist me with this. Lastly, please whisper a prayer for my soul. I am still a believer and honestly feel that there is no hope for me. Consequently, I am making a sacrifice so that others in my same situation might have a chance of a normal, harrassment-free life. I realize that my methods are not the best selection and probably will not be perceived as the selection of a Christ follower, but I have prayed incessantly for months to no avail. There are targeted individuals who have endured this torture for decades without any relief and what targeted individuals need more then anything is media attention.

Your brother in Christ, Myron May