The True Evil that Rules Our Country and Civilization


Another Interesting Video by Kenny…..

This video begins with horrific actions against women and leads to the systematic abuses by those of extremely EVIL MINDS in our country.  Again, please be aware that the first four minutes of this video are horrific.

However, the remainder of the video speaks of the organizations and groups and how they control our country with the use of mind control and other methods.

One thought on “The True Evil that Rules Our Country and Civilization

  1. Susan Berton

    I am subjected nightly to torture from remotes,neighbors below me on Aurora st govt housing,subcontracters using military grade weapons. Happens in WAVL Annie St a halfway house there,addicts driving around. Westwood was used as test area. I don’t see cops involved. I see. A guy from Wisconsin,Minn area Dave Zabartini fake name harrassed and used weapons I have seen used in Asia when they arrest some of these sadistic ppl. There is a small black umbrella used over one weapon. Hong Kong arrested a lot of these ppl. The US consulate told me so.You can see my photos on Flckr somewheteoneaarth,they were featured on cover of Flckr on gangstalking a few yrs ago. See photobucket oncesanegirl5. Many are repeat offenders stalking by proxy.And using weapons from backpacks to slowly kill the subject they say subject.


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